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Artificial Intelligence Resources

Gain insights from our team of product experts and thought leaders as they delve into the possibilities, challenges, and practical uses of artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI (GenAI) in education and learning.

Keeping Humans in the Loop

We’re committed to the responsible development and use of AI to enhance learning experiences for educators and learners. Our D2L Responsible AI Principles guide us as we explore exciting new ways to transform how we teach, learn and work.

Latest Posts

Quarterly Bulletin: Engaging Higher Ed’s Post-Pandemic Generation 

The worst of the pandemic may be behind us, but educational challenges still persist in the college classroom. In the first T&L Studio Quarterly Bulletin, we dig through the latest research to break down the challenges that remain.

CDLRA 2023 AI Report

Generative Artificial Intelligence in Canadian Post-Secondary Education: AI Policies, Possibilities, Realities, and Futures

Making Learning Accessible for All Members With Amy Morrisey

Explore what makes education accessible and the ripple effects it can have across the membership and for the association.

D2L and Artificial Intelligence—The Past, Present and Future

Recommended practices for supporting authentic professional learning, including through hybrid and blended approaches.

Artificial Intelligence and Inclusion: Striking the Right Balance 

I recently had an opportunity to share some of my thinking on the use of generative AI at the 2023 DT&L and SOLA+R Conference.

How Faculty and Admins Can Prepare to Be Part of the AI Movement 

We’re on the precipice of a revolution that will change our field in ways we don’t even understand yet. One thing that’s clear to me, however, is that educators need to be more open to trying out AI in a safe way.

Welcome to Fusion 2023: My Learning Moment

At Fusion we’re focused on learning moments—those instances where you have a breakthrough, make a connection, or find clarity on your learning journey.

How Skill Mapping Can Change Higher Education 

Hear guests of D2L’s Teach & Learn podcast discuss what skill mapping is and how it can help revolutionize education and workforce development.

Skills Mapping

Defining the Future of Learning

D2L Labs investigates advanced technologies with the greatest potential to significantly enhance learning, including AI, machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and other transformative innovations.

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