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Episode 17 - Teach & Learn

How Schools and Universities Can Use AI to Transform Education, with Dr. David Lefevre

Join D2L for a chat with Dr. David Lefevre about the potential for AI to transform education.

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Episode Description

In today’s episode, we’re revisiting what has arguably been one of the hottest topics over the last few months: artificial intelligence and its impact on the future of education. To date, we’ve had professors discuss the pros and cons of generative AI and hosted experts who’ve broken down the tech behind tools like ChatGPT. Today, we’ll be discussing different applications of AI in schools and universities, with a focus on strategy, frameworks and how it can transform business education. 

To discuss this topic further, we welcomed Dr. David Lefevre, Professor of Practice in the Management and Entrepreneurship Group at Imperial College London. Dr. Lefevre and Dr. Ford chatted about:

  • How educational institutes can cut through noise and gain clarity around AI.
  • How humans and AI can potentially work alongside each other for optimal outcomes.
  • The importance of AI regulation.
  • Why it’s crucial for schools to have a ‘digital/AI-first’ approach when building systems if they wish to truly transform learning.

Show Notes

01:13: An introduction to Dr. David Lefevre.

03:11: Why Dr. Lefevre left Imperial’s ed tech lab and moved to AI research.

06:03: Dr. Lefevre explains his current role at the Center for Digital Transformation and how he hopes his work will help educational institutes cut through the noise and get a clear view on AI.

12:31: The impact of AI on society and how humans and AI can potentially work alongside each other for optimal outcomes.

16:31: The challenge with defining and breaking down tasks.

20:25: Dr. Lefevre stresses the importance of educational institutes building a digital/AI-first system, rather than layering generative AI tech on top of existing systems to truly transform learning.

22:24: How MOOCs radically altered education.

26:46: How we can mitigate bias in AI and how the Center for Digital Transformation is evolving their approach based on ethics and bias, if at all.

28:58: Why AI will likely need to be regulated, in the same way that news stations are.

32:26: Dr. Lefevre shares news about Tutello, his AI and human-powered tutoring and support platform.

40:31: Dr. Lefevre’s advice for schools and universities with respect to AI.


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