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Build the
Ecosystem of Your Dreams

We’ve built D2L Brightspace to fit seamlessly with the tools you, your educators, and learners love—no heartbreak or sacrifice.

Integrate Faster with D2L Link

Quick and effective integrations are essential for organizations to help track and report on their learning programs—and beyond. This is why we’ve made it easier and faster to integrate D2L Brightspace with other systems through D2L Link.

  • Connect your ecosystem in hours versus months​
  • Cut time spent on manual data entry​
  • Ensure data accuracy between systems.
  • Streamline processes with workflows built, delivered and maintained by D2L experts.
  • Hit the ground running with out-of-the-box integrations.

Connect learning into your ecosystem

If your system has APIs, D2L Link can integrate. Explore connections.

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Human Resources Information Systems

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Human Capital Management

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Business Intelligence

Everything You Need to Connect Brightspace to Your Ecosystem

  • 1,800+

    Learning technologies seamlessly integrate into Brightspace

  • 11

    EdTech Certifications, an industry leader

  • 15+

    AI-powered partners that help streamline your workflows.

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No Other LMS
Can Plug and Play Like Brightspace

  • Learning Content 

    Deliver meaningful content that can motivate every learner and member.

  • Student Information (SIS) 

    Manage and organize student information with ease. 

  • Secure Assessments

    Conduct several types of assessments through a secure environment.

  • Accessibility

    Align with global accessibility standards.

  • Video Assignments and Video Interaction

    Elevate your learning experience through video interaction.

  • Proctoring Tools

    Maintain academic integrity with ease of mind.

  • Plagiarism Check

    Encourage originality for every learner and member.  

  • Insightful Data and Analytics

    Access insightful data in real-time.

We’ve Made the Pledge.
You Should Too.

We’ve made the TrustEd Apps Pledge because open standards integrations are the only way to ensure plug-and-play interoperability across the Edtech community. While there are many ways to integrate technology, only a commitment to open standards will create more choice, savings, data enhancements and privacy for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1EdTech interoperability certifications create a better Edtech ecosystem and community by enabling fair and open business practices. These open standards take the guesswork out of digital product integrations to help you create a cost-effective and seamless plug-and-play digital learning ecosystem. 

  • The plug-and-play concept makes it possible to seamlessly mix and match multiple applications within your organization’s digital learning ecosystem. Our commitment to 1EdTech product certifications and open standards means you get more choice and flexibility to connect Brightspace with thousands of products—all to create a seamless user experience, reduce cost, and enhance data privacy. 

Our network of integrations

We know that connections equal new business opportunities. Check out the systems that work seamlessly with D2L Brightspace’s open learning ecosystem.