Committed to Accessibility in Education

At D2L, we believe learning technologies should never limit learning opportunities. Our accessibility program is tightly integrated with our research and development lifecycle to ensure the Brightspace platform exceeds accessibility standards and is easy for people to navigate and understand using assistive learning technologies and devices that support their needs.

Designing to Standards.

D2L’s research and development philosophy focuses on developing a common platform and control set for use across our product suite. This common infrastructure enables us to verify and enforce accessibility requirements early in the development phase. It also ensures our development teams take advantage of designs and controls that are researched and tested with accessibility experts and end users.

Transparent Reporting.

We ensure our designs are consistent with international objectives. Focusing on international standards ensures that we are part of a greater accessibility initiative aimed at improving support across various platforms and assistive learning technologies for students.

Partnering with Clients.

Years of close interaction with client experts and students with disabilities have helped create a user experience-focused culture at D2L. We are committed to designing products that not only exceed standards, but are also flexible and intuitive. We regularly review our designs and products with the Accessibility Interest Group and students and instructors with disabilities to ensure we are supporting equal and inclusive learning.

Our VPAT and WCAG 2 checklists are publically available.

Equal Access to Education

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