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Whether it’s a webinar or tutorial, a Connection Event or our annual Fusion conference, all our programming is built to help you forge relationships and hone your craft.

Toronto, Canada |

D2L Fusion

Create Your Learning Moment at Fusion

  • Connect with a community of peers, partners and experts
  • Discover the latest trends, product updates and best practices
  • Share your goals and get answers to your toughest questions
  • Grow your skills and explore the topics that matter to you
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D2L Events

Connections, Made Simple

Our Affinity Networks provide you with ongoing opportunities to connect with peers on your topics of choice. Each network is facilitated, and you can do as much or as little as you like.

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All About the iLearnNYC Course Homepage

The homepage is the first page your students see when they enter your course. There are many ways to make this page inviting and engaging for your students.


Creating Custom Widgets in iLearnNYC

Are you interested in learning how to further personalize and engage your students on your course homepage? Join us to learn how to create custom widgets and add them to your homepage.


Creating Content in iLearnNYC

Have you heard the super cool news? You already have the tools to transform your iLearnNYC classroom into an interactive learning wonderland.


Ethical Blind Spots of AI in Education: Reimagined

Learn about bias in data sets, algorithmic transparency, and strategies for human-centered AI implementation. We'll also explore practical solutions for promoting fair and responsible AI use in your teaching practice, ensuring every student benefits from the potential of this powerful technology.

Ready to Transform the Way the World Learns?

Whether you want to chat about Brightspace or Wave, we’re ready to help.