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What’s New at D2L

At D2L, our users and customers are at the center of all we do. We’re always listening to their evolving needs, and every month we deliver new and updated features, products, solutions and services. To make it easy to stay up to date with ongoing enhancements to Brightspace, we compile highlights from the last few months here.

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Inspiring a new path forward with expanded features that help foster strong lifelong learning communities

As the pandemic continues to force learning to shift between in-person and virtual settings, it is more important now than ever to leverage technology to engage learning communities—educators, learners, and all who support them. D2L is responding with enhancements to Brightspace that help you:


Cultivate open and authentic communication with video. Extend the reach of your learning communities—without giving safety, security or accessibility a second thought.

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Collaborate by making it easy to share learning experiences, feedback and assessments

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Create learning experiences that are personalized, accessible and inclusive​

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  • Provide the rich video-first experiences that today’s learners expect by embedding high-definition video in Brightspace. Over the past few years, we’ve made significant investments in video, and we remain committed to delivering continuous enhancements that help make video easily available for all users.

  • Stream videos on older devices and at slower bandwidth speeds with adaptive streaming technology that helps eliminate buffering (and frustration).

  • New video search capabilities leverage the multi-language auto-captioning features in Video Note to show exactly where the terms are referenced in videos, and the addition of chapters makes it easy to highlight the key sections of a video to review.

Contractual privacy protection for customers


  • Learners can now add evidence of learning to their Brightspace Portfolio and link it to one or more classes—or no classes at all. This supports the ability of learners to capture experiential learning that happens outside the classroom in extracurricular activities, internships and more and to share it (but only if—and when—they want to).

  • It’s now easier for educators to identify new evidence in Portfolio, providing the opportunity for real-time interaction and immediate feedback.

    • a flag icon draws attention to new items
    • an evidence count tells how many pieces of new evidence are ready for review
    • a filter makes it quick to view new evidence

  • Loved by teachers, and by students and their families, the Brightspace Parent & Guardian tool makes it easy, safe, and secure to stay connected, making young learners feel supported in their learning wherever it happens. The new Brightspace Parent and Guardian app now makes it even easier for parents and guardians to access the experience on the go from their Apple and Android mobile devices.

    • no need to remember websites or logins, a single click provides access to up-to-date information about all your learners
    • find out what’s new, what’s coming next and what’s a little bit behind
    • stay on top of classroom activities, shared Portfolio items, feedback and grades
    • set push notifications to receive important updates on learning activities

  • Use @mentions in the Discussions tool to tag and notify others, encouraging participation and engagement among educators, students, and peers. Also, all educators will benefit from the new consistent evaluation experience in the Discussions tool—without the need to opt in.

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  • The addition of pronouns to the D2L Brightspace user profile provides a space for users to add and update their preferred pronouns and offers the choice to show or hide them.

  • The Brightspace Editor now integrates with all Brightspace tools that have HTML content creation capabilities, making creating accessible content as consistent and easy as possible. But if you need help, we’re here. We’ve added to our Courseware Subscription Service offerings to provide flexible access to dedicated ongoing D2L Brightspace expert support. This team can aid in the design and development of appealing, interactive and inclusive content.

  • Now included with Brightspace Core, Course Publisher makes it possible to share a course—and the Brightspace learning experience—by publishing the course into another standards-compliant LMS.

  • We continue to grow our ecosystem and network of partners to help create a seamless experience that meets the unique needs of different learning communities across the globe.