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What’s New at D2L

Our users and customers are at the center of all we do at D2L. We’re always listening to your needs, and every month we deliver new and updated features, products, solutions and services to help meet them. We compile recent highlights here to make it easy to stay up to date on what we’ve been up to.

We’ve Made the Pledge You Should Too

Our focus is on creating effective and easy-to-use educational technologies

In today’s context, there is an urgent demand for educational technologies that are efficient, inclusive and effective in preparing individuals for success. There is a growing awareness of the inequalities and barriers in accessing quality education. Our focus has always been the development of educational technologies that cater to users of all skill levels, enhance usability for individuals with diverse capabilities and consolidate solutions into a unified platform. Our efforts are directed towards facilitating the seamless delivery of learning experiences in both online and blended settings, ensuring that everyone can thrive.


Empowering learners, educators and administrators with indispensable tools and invaluable resources to enhance outcomes and reclaim precious time.


Making workflows efficient and consistent.


Coming together to transform the way the world learns and take the friction out of your learning strategy.

What I love most about Brightspace is watching the tool evolve. We’ve been a customer since 2016, and the tool is constantly advancing and changing to be more functional for users. You can see your feedback and experiences taken into consideration each time they are making changes to the system. I believe D2L is highly focused on creating an awesome user experience, and I can see it evolving right in front of me!

– Kristen Crain, Director of Learning Applications, Michigan Virtual

The Updates Never Stop

Stay up to date with new releases through our D2L Brightspace Community. Have questions or want to learn more?