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Philanthropy at D2L

We believe learning should be accessible, engaging, and inspiring for everyone. Our philanthropy program is a key part of making that happen. It brings together the people, technology, and passion we need to drive positive change in the world around us.

About D2L’s Philanthropy Program

Education has the power to change the world, and not surprisingly, our philanthropy program reflects that—aiming to bring together our people, knowledge, passion and technology to make a positive impact.

  • Supporting our mission

    As a company with locations around the world, we believe in a world where learning can be accessible, engaging and inspiring.

  • Strengthening our communities

    Enriching the places we live and work starts with supporting the well-being of the people with whom we share those places.

  • Sharing our time

    Mission-driven companies need engaged people. That’s why we encourage our employees and give them opportunities to take part in the volunteerism initiatives that are the most meaningful to them.

The Pillars of Our Philanthropy Program

Access to Education

D2L Philanthropy will support causes that are aligned with our mission and vision, whether by providing financial or technological contributions, partnering with like-minded organizations aiming to affect positive change, or empowering our own employees to give their time and expertise.


D2L Philanthropy aims to strengthen the communities in which we operate. Some opportunities like sponsorships may be prompted by a request directly from the community, while at other times they may be brought to our attention by an employee connected to the cause.


Each year, we allow our employees to dedicate a number of days towards taking part in events or activities, both within their local communities and abroad, that support the causes that matter to them.

Support our mission

We’re a global company with locations around the world—but the work doesn’t stop there. D2L’s mission is to deliver innovative solutions that transform the way the world learns. We believe in a better world where learning can be accessible, engaging, and inspiring. Find out how we’re part of a team dedicated to bringing more learning opportunities to students around the world.

Corporate Causes: Access to Education

Community Giving

Community Giving

At D2L, we believe we’re stronger together—that’s why we reach outwards.

Our community giving initiative focuses on supporting community, or employee, led activities that have a direct social impact within the communities in which D2Lers work and live.

Each year, we consider requests for projects that fall into our three priority themes:

    • Promoting the mental health and overall wellbeing of children (5-14) and youth (15 – 29) within the communities we serve
    • Examples: mental health workshops and programming that reduce stigma, promote wellbeing, and support children and youth
    • Programs and initiatives that promote education and engagement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. We aim to encourage learning, innovation and skills development in these areas for vulnerable and marginalized populations, as well as school-aged children and youth
    • Examples: after-school programs, mentorship and non-credit training opportunities for children and youth 
    • Strengthen and enhance the bonds and resilience of our communities. These activities foster social cohesion, mutual support and inclusivity
    • Examples: programs that support vulnerable people, community institutions (i.e. Libraries), arts and community programming, and events to facilitate community dialogue
D2Lers volunteering at food bank

What we’ve been up to

We gave time and financial donations to the Waterloo House of Friendship and Grand River Hospital Foundation, as well as…

  • $15,000

    donated in FY24 to food banks globally.

  • $10,000

    given in FY23 to school nutrition programs around the world.

Volunteer Time Off Program

Volunteer Time Off Program

Strengthening our communities
Enriching the places we live and work is about one simple thing. It starts with supporting the well-being of the people we share those places with.

Sharing our time
It’s important for us to engage with our employees in volunteerism that’s meaningful to them. We’re giving our own people the chance to help those who need it most. This can include:

  • Volunteering with a registered non-profit charity
  • Community projects: homeless shelters, food banks, soup kitchens, etc.
  • Home Building Projects such as Habitat for Humanity