D2L Cookies Policy


This page contains a description of the cookies we use on D2L Web sites, including www.D2L.com. Most Web browsers enable you to manage cookies through your browser settings. To learn more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit www.aboutcookies.org or www.allaboutcookies.org. As our Web sites and offerings materially evolve, we will review and update this Web page from time to time.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data placed on your web browser by the offerings you use or the Web sites you visit. Directive 2009/136/EC (the “Cookies Directive”), which amends Directive 2002/58/EC, came into force in the European Union (EU) on 25 May 2011. The Cookies Directive provides that “the storing of information or the gaining of access to information already stored, in the terminal equipment of a subscriber or user is only allowed on condition that the subscriber or user concerned has given his or her consent, having been provided with clear and comprehensive information”.

Cookies Used on D2L Web sites

When you visit a D2L Web site, you may encounter cookies described in the list below. Our lists are grouped based on the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) cookie guide, which identifies four categories of cookies:

  1. Strictly necessary cookies
  2. Performance cookies
  3. Functionality cookies
  4. Targeting or advertising cookies

We also identify the cookies listed as either first party or third party. First party cookies are created by the D2L Web site you are visiting. Third party cookies are created by some site or offering external to the one you are visiting or accessing.

  1. Strictly Necessary Cookies

Strictly Necessary Cookies are necessary to provide services explicitly requested by the user. We use Strictly Necessary Cookies on our Web sites and in our offerings to authenticate you as a user, remember you as having logged in and enable you to use our offerings and Web sites. These cookies are “strictly necessary” to provide services “explicitly requested” by you. By not allowing these cookies, your ability to use certain features of a Web site or offering may be limited. The following list includes Strictly Necessary Cookies:

Cookie Name Description Cookie Type Which D2L Web sites use it?
event_portal A session cookie that is used to keep a registered user logged into the conferences event portal First D2L.com
Amazon Web Services (AWS) To ensure the best possible site experieince our site utilizes an AWS load balancer. It keeps track of which server you were directed to. Third D2L.com, Brightspace.com
  1. Performance Cookies

Performance Cookies collect anonymous information on the offerings you use or the Web sites you visit. We use Performance Cookies to collect aggregate (and therefore anonymous) information about how visitors use our offerings and Web sites. This information that we collect does not identify you as an individual. By visiting a D2L Web site, you agree that we can place the following Performance Cookies on your device, as your browser settings allow:

Cookie Name Description Cookie Type Which D2L Web sites use it?
Google Analytics More on how we use Google Analytics Third D2L.com, achievementstandards.org, toolkit.asn.desire2learn.com and elastic1.asn.desire2learn.com, Brightspace.com
PHPSESSID This cookie stores browsing session information to allow for a consistent user experience while browsing the site. First D2L.com, achievementstandards.org, toolkit.asn.desire2learn.com and elastic1.asn.desire2learn.com
Akamai These cookies are used to for effective video streaming purposes from Kaltura and Akamai. They are used to track and report on visitor behavior on a site for performance improvement purposes. Third D2L.com
App Dynamics These cookies help us determine any bottle-necks in our site performance to ensure users have a fast site experience. First D2L.com
Lucky Orange Lucky Orange tracks users’ interactions on D2L’s Web site to understand usage and abandonment on our Web sites. The cookie does not collect personal information or IP addresses. Third D2L.com, Brightspace.com
Pendo D2L uses Pendo to guide you through our TryNow experience sites. It tracks your usage, interests and when you abandon features by collecting your TryNow unique identifier in its cookies. Third https://trial.brightspace.com/ and https://corporatetrynow.brightspace.com/
  1. Functionality Cookies

Functionality Cookies are not essential, but are used to collect information about you which is used to enhance and improve your experience with an offering or Web site. We use Functionality Cookies to provide you with a customized user experience with our offerings and Web sites. By visiting a D2L Web site, you agree that we can place the following Functionality Cookies on your device, as your browser settings allow:

Cookie Name Description Cookie Type Which D2L Web sites use it?
cookieDisclaimer Prevents the cookie disclaimer from displaying again for 30 days after the user closes the disclaimer and continues to browse on a D2L Web site. First D2L.com
Country Stores the users current country based on IP address. First D2L.com
Drupal.toolbar.collapsed Used to set up the initial toolbar state (collapsed or not) for the user First achievementstandards.org, toolkit.asn.desire2learn.com and elastic1.asn.desire2learn.com
formData Stores any user information submitted in a form to be used later to prepopulate subsequent forms. First D2L.com
has_js Used to generate different markup depending on whether the user agent is capable of executing JavaScript or not. First achievementstandards.org, toolkit.asn.desire2learn.com and elastic1.asn.desire2learn.com
_icl_current_language Used to provide Web pages in the correct language. First D2L.com
Drift A messaging chatbot that collects information to identify site visitors in order to help improve the experience on our website, qualify leads, route conversations and schedule meetings. The widget is integrated with D2L’s HubSpot instance to record contact information upon email capture and record chatbot conversation events. First D2L.com
userJourney Keeps track of the topics that a user views most, to help serve up related content. First D2L.com
  1. Targeting Cookies

Targeting cookies collect information about your browsing habits in order to customize the content (including advertising) you view on a Web site or while using an offering. Targeting cookies are often linked to functionality offered by some site or offering external to the one you are visiting or accessing. The following Targeting Cookies may be set by a third party on your device when you visit a D2L Web site:

Cookie Name Description Cookie Type Which D2L Web sites use it?
MaxMind D2L.com uses the Maxmind GeoIP2 Precision Services to determine which country the user is from. To automically direct them to the country site best suited for the user. Along with the country we use the state or provice to help auto-populate this data when a user decides to submit their personal information through one of our web forms. Third D2L.com
Hubspot Hubspot is a tool we use for sending emails. These cookies are used to track visitors’ use of D2L Web sites. The cookies are placed by the Hubspot server and cannot access, read or modify any other data on a user’s computer. Hubspot may link the information stored in cookies to any personally identifiable information a user chooses to submit on a D2L web site. Third D2L.com, Brightspace.com
AddThis AddThis is an optional page sharing service that allows you to share Web pages to your social networks.
Opt-out of using AddThis cookies.
Third D2L.com
Outbrain The Outbrain Pixel has been added to certain D2L webpages to identify website visitors through a Unique User ID. When you visit our website, a tracking pixel is saved in your browser. When you visit another website that uses Outbrain’s services (Outbrain third party publisher sites), the tracking pixel links to you and displays interest-based advertising based on the D2L webpages you have visited. The pixel may also assist with retargeting and conversion tactics. Third D2L.com
Contact Segment contactSegment is a personalization cookie which we use to store user segment or market information to market more relevant content First D2L.com
uuid2 Registers a unique ID that identifies a returning user’s device. The ID is used for targeted ads.
Provider: adnxs.com
Third D2L.com

More Information on Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to collect top level information about how visitors use certain D2L Web sites. Google Analytics provides the information we need to improve the user experience and serve up the content our visitors find most useful. The Google Analytics cookies store information about what pages people visit, how long they are on the site, how they got there and what they click on. Information supplied by Google Analytics helps us analyze site traffic to identify areas to improve in order to provide our visitors with a better experience. No personal information (for example, names or addresses) is gathered or stored, so this information cannot be used to identify individuals. For an overview of privacy at Google, click here. To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites visit http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

Links to Third Party Offerings and Web Sites

We may also link to third party offerings of Web sites that use cookies like the ones described above. If you access another offering or Web site through a link that we have provided, the offering you are accessing or the site you are visiting is responsible for providing you with information about how they use cookies.


If you have any comments, questions or concerns about this page, the data that we collect from you or how that data is being used, or to report suspected misuse of your information, please contact us at Privacy@D2L.com or write to us at:

D2L Corporation
Attn: Privacy Officer
151 Charles Street West, Suite 400
Kitchener, Ontario
N2G 1H6 Canada

Last Modified: March 12, 2018