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D2L For Business | LMS for Business and Corporate Training

Make Learning Your Competitive Advantage

Transform employee training with impactful learning experiences that drive engagement and power up performance. Take your team to new heights with D2L for Business.


Innovative Employee Training Platform

Boost Your Training Effectiveness

Traditional employee training doesn’t cut it. Your employees need engaging, high-impact learning that aligns with organizational goals. Imagine a workplace where every employee feels supported an motivated to excel. It’s time for your employee training to drive real business outcomes and foster continuous learning.

Transform Your Training with D2L for Business

User-Friendly Platform

Make learning safe, secure and easy to use for everyone with accessible solutions, seamless integration and, mobile-first design to help reach every learner. Connect with HRIS, CRM and other systems for smooth operations.
Learn anytime, anywhere, on any device. Launch programs swiftly with optimization and learning services.

High-Impact Learning that Drives Professional Development

Design engaging, personalized learning experiences with custom learning paths and dynamic content. Tailor courses for career growth and skill development based on leaner needs. Use video tools like AI Coach to keep learners engaged by delivering real-time personalized feedback. Keep them immersed in learning with fun, interactive course design, that can be tailored to their performance and skills acquisition. Easily adjust content based on performance and engagement with automation tools to lighten your workload.

Learning Analytics to Maximize Impact

Use data to make better decisions and demonstrate value to stakeholders with centralized dashboards, custom reports and skill tracking. Track adoption, engagement and assessment quality. Create and share reports to inform data-driven decisions that align to business outcomes. Identify and fill skill gaps across your organization.

Real Stories, Real Results

Discover the possibilities with D2L for Business.

We’ve seen a massive jump in learning engagement since we deployed the Brightspace platform. The feedback from our employees has been overwhelmingly positive, and there’s no doubt in our minds that the Brightspace solution is going to make an important contribution to improving the lives of those who are blind or have low vision in the years ahead. Laura Hendrey Learning and Development Coordinator, Vision Australia Read full Story about Vision Australia
I can’t even imagine life without D2L right now. There’s no way we would ever have been able to deliver 4,000 course enrollments without it. Now in 2023, our offerings expanded dramatically to provide 10,000 course enrollments for over 800 staff members, resulting in 5,266 course completions. It’s amazing to see that level of growth in just a couple of years.” Stephanie Miesch Training Manager, Colliers Project Leader Read full Story about Colliers Project Leader
Before we started, one manager shared that it was taking them about 12 months to really feel confident in training an employee to work on projects independently. Soon after we implemented D2L’s Brightspace platform, we got that down to five months, and today it takes about eight weeks. Cara Scott Certification Program Manager, Dematic Read the Story about Dematic

Award-Winning for a Reason

We Support Every Step of Your Journey

Guide your learning journey with expert help.

Learning Services

Create fantastic learning experiences with our proven course design and development approach.

Onboarding Services

Get up to speed quickly with our personalised, people-first approach.

Customer Support Services

Keep the momentum going post-launch with customised and flexible support.

Optimization Services

Get the attention and care you need to take your results to the next level.

Transform Your Employee Training with D2L for Business

Turn your workforce into a powerhouse. Discover how you can boost engagement, elevate performance and make learning your competitive edge with D2L for Business.