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Tuition Assistance Program

Change Everything Without Changing Anything

Provide your workforce with easy access to professional development opportunities from world-class providers without having to create new budget or operating procedures.

D2L Wave - Tuition assistance program

Already Investing in Learning? We’re Here to Make It Easier.

 Cut out the search engine. We vet all partners and programs, giving your employees, managers and L&D teams a centralized place where they can search for education options offered by trusted brands.

D2L Wave - Tuition assistance program

How It Works

Customize the amount of coverage for each and every employee request while monitoring your global yearly spend. 

  • When an employee requests to take a course, you can customize how much the business is willing to subsidize that employee for that course.
  • Whatever you approve will be directly billed to your organization; your employees won’t have to pre-pay their learning costs upfront

Education Partners

D2L Wave partners with top tier education providers to offer a diverse catalog of courses and programs that help working professionals build in-demand, future-focused skills.

Skills for the Jobs of Today and Tomorrow

We’re constantly growing our network of education partners and our catalog offerings to include the most relevant and in-demand skill needs for today’s working professionals.

View the Catalog in Our Product Showcase


  • Business Skills

    Business Administration, Innovation and Strategy,
    Finance, Accounting and Operations Management,
    Sales, Marketing and Product Management,
    Project Management, Scoping and Planning

  • Technical Skills

    Cloud Computing, Cyber Security and DevOps,
    Software Engineering, Architecture and User Experience,
    Data Science, Machine Learning and Analytics,
    Skilled Trades

  • People Skills

    Leadership, Communication and People Management,
    Influencing, Negotiation and Customer Relations,
    Human Resource Management and Health and Safety
    Decision Making, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Emotional Intelligence

    Employee Wellness and Emotional Wellbeing,
    Diversity and Inclusion,

D2L Wave - Tuition assistance program

Create a Wave of Business Growth

Prepare for future growth of your business without spending any more of your budget. Explore the tools and support we offer in D2L Wave.

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