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The Complete Guide to Competency-Based Education

CBE is helping schools, institutions and organizations deliver learning experiences that translate to practical, provable outcomes and true skill mastery.

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Navigating the Switch From Moodle to D2L Brightspace: Part One

Professor of mathematics Mark Schneider shares how the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology is preparing to switch from Moodle to D2L Brightspace.

Enhancing Learner Engagement with Data-Driven Design 

We’ve offered online programs at South University for almost two decades. During that time, we’ve worked hard to make sure that our online courses are flexible, engaging and impactful. This way, we can help adult learners fit their studies around their busy schedules and gain the skills, knowledge and qualifications they need to develop their careers.

Three Ways an Upskilling Platform Will Boost Employee Retention

How do you make your organization a place where your employees want to stay? By investing in them. Discover how the right upskilling platform can help you achieve your retention goals.

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A Piece of the Podcast: Up for Discussion with Julian Moore

In this bonus clip, Teach and Learn podcast guest Julian Moore talks about AI-generated news reporters and we ask if AI will soon replace humans in other professions.

Planning a Learning Program to Reach a Multi-Generational Workforce

Melissa Stein, learning and development business partner for Tompkins Financial Corporation, shares the challenges she faced, the skills gaps Tompkins targets and her tips for creating an effective training program when working with a multi-generational workforce.

What the Use of AI Tells Us About Gaps in Workforce Skills Development

A new survey from D2L sheds light on the generational impact AI is having on our workforce, including skills gaps that need to be addressed.

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