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The Ultimate Guide to Instructional Design

Our experts break down what instructional design is, what instructional designers do and share tips for creating engaging, inclusive educational content that learners will love.

Evaluate Comprehension With Mastery View in the Grades Tool

Individualize, differentiate and personalize learning to help each student achieve their full potential.

How to Develop Competencies and Skills With D2L Brightspace

Find out how to prepare students with skills that will help them succeed in the workplace.

Equity and Justice in Education: Making Our Internal Work Visible in Our Classroom Practice 

The work of equity and justice starts from within. But at some point it must find its way out into the world—here’s how to start doing it.

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How To Help Teachers in Your District Thrive in Times of Change 

Follow these tips from district superintendents to help your teachers thrive—not just survive—during transitional periods.

Developing Student Metacognitive Skills in Virtual Learning Environments

How a research team at University College Dublin developed an evidence-based learning design framework to aid metacognitive skill development in higher education students.

Easily Find and Prioritize Student Submissions With Quick Eval

Student success can be improved when instructors and teachers provide high-quality feedback, but this can be a time-consuming task. With Quick Eval in D2L Brightspace, it’s easy to find and…

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