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Reshaping the Value of Higher Education

Discover how the higher education landscape is changing by further exploring the mental state of students, career-focused education and teaching with tech in this blog post.

3 Strategies to Increase College Enrollment in 2023

Discover enrollment strategy tips made by Dr. Thomas Cavanagh during the first episode of D2L’s Teach & Learn podcast.

Equity and Justice in Education: Building and Sustaining Authentic Communities of Practice

Enacting equity and justice in education starts with introspection and extends to the cultivation of classroom environments. But how do we build and leverage community to sustain that work?

Podcast: Unpacking Blended Learning and Micro-Credentials with Dr. Mark Brown

Join us for a lively discussion about two of the most talked about terms in the education space: blended learning and micro-credentials.

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Use Effective Change Management to Drive Your Digital Transformation

Put in place change management techniques that support and sustain positive business outcomes from your digital learning transformation.

How One Association Reduced Onboarding Times for New Members

Brandon Smith tells us how his association uses a combination of Brightspace, learning theory and agile development practices to optimize how learners spend their time.

How Brightspace Makes Teaching More Flexible

Learn how teachers can use release conditions, the Portfolio tool and the New Quiz Creation Experience to maximize flexibility in their class.

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