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The Ultimate Guide to Instructional Design

Our experts break down what instructional design is, what instructional designers do and share tips for creating engaging, inclusive educational content that learners will love.

How a Focused Change Management Plan Sent K-12 Graduation Rates Soaring

With an emphasis on great communication, superintendent Rick Surrency increased his district’s graduation rate by almost 38% since 2015.

Easing the Switch to D2L Brightspace

Help ease the transition to Brightspace by getting people started on the platform right away.

Recruitment and Retention: Balancing Upskilling and Hiring

Every company needs to add to its talent pool. It’s a matter of recruitment and retention. Here’s how to balance both.

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Why Your K-12 District Needs an LMS Right Now 

Stay ahead of the curve with a learning management system that truly supports student and teacher success.

Showcase Student Growth and Achievement With D2L Brightspace 

Help students see their achievements and teachers track student growth using the Portfolio tool.

Meet the Needs of Today’s Learners with D2L Brightspace 

All students learn differently. Discover how D2L Brightspace can help make learning more personal for your learners.

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