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The Ultimate Guide to Instructional Design

Our experts break down what instructional design is, what instructional designers do and share tips for creating engaging, inclusive educational content that learners will love.

  • 9 Things to Consider Before Making an LMS Switch

    About the eBook Your LMS functions as the heart of your academic institution—it not only hosts and manages learning material, but also helps students to successfully hit learning outcomes. However,…

  • SNHU turns student data into student success

    How SNHU Turns Student Data Into Student Success Ensuring student success has become one of the biggest challenges for colleges and universities. With the adoption of education technology, higher education…

  • Make Data-Driven Decisions with D2L Brightspace

    Now more than ever, instructors need easy-to-action, on-time information that supports student growth without breaking the bank. Get ready to move beyond the limitations of a learning management system (LMS)…

Latest Resources


The Complete Guide to Social Learning

Find out what social learning is and how it can be used at all ages and stages of learning.


The Power of Brightspace Community: Connecting, Collaborating, and Innovating

In today’s digital age, organizations like D2L are going beyond creating innovative products and services; they also act as hubs of knowledge, collaboration, and community. One of the pivotal tools…


Practical Tips for Implementing Social Emotional Learning in the K-12 Classroom

In the D2L webinar “How to Make SEL a Success in Your K-12 District”, our host and panelists discuss common barriers to SEL adoption and provide solutions for educators looking to implement it in schools.


Getting Creative About Course Content with Creator+

At Maine Virtual Academy, we’re very focused on building accessible, personalized learning for our diverse student population.   We have students who live in remote areas where internet bandwidth is limited….

Customer Story

A Data-driven Approach to Accessible Virtual Learning

Maine Virtual Academy harnesses the power of D2L Brightspace’s insightful and creative tools to craft engaging courses and propel student success

Serving students statewide through remote learning, Maine Virtual Academy (MEVA) leverages powerful analytics to gain insights into its student body and utilizes robust content creation tools to craft engaging and personalized learning journeys.


Take Your Data From Collecting Dust to Driving Results

Learning Analytics helps you track progress, identify challenges and make data-driven decisions. Our goal is to help you achieve success by aiding with visualizations, dashboards, enablement and other value services.


D2L and Artificial Intelligence—The Past, Present and Future

Recommended practices for supporting authentic professional learning, including through hybrid and blended approaches.


What Is the ADDIE Model of Instructional Design

Understand what the ADDIE model of instructional design is and how it can help learners achieve their educational goals.

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