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Blended Learning
For Higher Ed,
Made Simple

Design seamless learning experiences that combine the best of in-person and online instruction with D2L Brightspace.


Learning Options To
Suit Every Learner

Blended, hyflex, hybrid or fully virtual—whatever your preferred method of instruction, Brightspace has the tools you need to create dynamic and memorable educational experiences for all learners.

Unleash Student Potential
With Blended Learning

It’s easier to integrate technology that enhances your course and empowers students to reach their potential when you use the right tools.

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Inspire Every Learner

Design and build unique course content for learners using Brightspace. We support you in delivering dynamic educational experiences that help unleash the potential in every learner.

  • Flexible Instruction

    Say goodbye to location and time constraints: Brightspace allows you to combine the best of in-person and online learning, so that you can reach every learner.

  • Personalized Learning

    Create and deliver personalized learning experiences at scale, with fast semester rollover.

  • Assessments and Feedback

    Deliver formative and summative assessments and provide feedback on each through rubrics, video, audio or text.

  • Equity and Accessibility

    No two learners are alike: from learning styles to accessibility needs, Brightspace boasts a range of solutions that support equity and inclusion.

  • Foster Impactful Collaboration

    Studying in isolation can be challenging. Give learners the chance to virtually interact and collaborate with their peers in Brightspace.

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Enhance Your Blended Learning Practice With D2L Support and Services

Get all the help you need to build, elevate and deliver blended learning experiences that wow learners. 

Learning Services

Create memorable learning experiences with our proven courseware design and development approach. 

Onboarding Services

Make transitioning to Brightspace a breeze with our personalized, people-first approach. 

Customer Success and Support  

Ensure your momentum doesn’t plateau with our customer success, and technical support teams that jump in once you’re up and running.

Optimization Services

Get premium daily help with Brightspace administration, technical support, and data analysis to take your results to the next level.  

Your Blended Learning FAQ – Answered

  • Blended learning is an instructional model that combines both online and offline instruction.

    Blended learning doesn’t mean that a course is restructured so that the majority of it is online; instead, the in-person and online elements work together to create a richer learning experience for students.

  • There are several blended learning models in use today, including these:

    Nurture Model: Prioritize in-person learning for the earliest students, scaling to most- or all-online learning in upper grades/years

    Bookend Model: Host first-year and fourth-year students on campus while sophomore and junior courses remain online

    Rotation Model: Divide classes into multiple groups and rotate online, in-person, and collaborative or lab-based learning

    The right blended learning models for a given school, academic level, or discipline will vary. Your institution’s current technology offerings and physical space limitations also influence which model to use.

  • While the terms hybrid learning and blended learning are used interchangeably, there is a slight difference between the two. Blended learning is centered on using online instruction such as videos, discussion boards and articles to complement in-person classes. Hybrid learning uses online material as an alternative to in-person material and is meant to create a flexible learning experience where students choose their learning model based on their needs.

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