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LMS for Member Engagement and Training

Excite Your Members With Engaging Learning Experiences

Your members turn to you as a trusted source for ongoing professional development. And their expectations? They’re high. Members need training that keeps them up to date in their fields and helps them grow in their careers, and they need to be able to access it around their already busy schedules.


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Continuing Education That Sets Your Association and Its Members Apart

When members flourish, so does your association. Deliver learning programs that set everyone up for success.

Attract, Engage and Retain Members

Attracting new members and retaining current ones has never been more challenging. We know you are unique, and your training should be too. As your learning partner, we’re here to help you succeed.

  • Boost Membership Engagement

    Improve membership engagement through course gamification, online discussions, peer-to-peer networking and more.

  • Transform Membership into a Growth Opportunity

    Gain insights into member growth, retention rates, and engagement to make smarter business decisions.

  • Drive New Revenue and Profitability

    Turn traditional face-to-face training into online courses and uncover new revenue streams.

  • Attract, Retain and Grow Membership

    Evaluate and take action on the performance of your learning and training programs to ensure everything you offer is something your members will love.

Unleash Every Member’s Potential
With Online Learning

Our learning platform gives you the tools you need to create education programs that engage members with your association and their own professional development.

The Power to Elevate Education Is Yours

Empowering you to transform the way your members learn is what we do best.

  • Accessible

    Reach every member with a platform that meets WCAG 2.1 standards and a partner that’s committed to accessibility and inclusive design.

  • Flexible

    Speed up content creation with our built-in HTML editor and ready-made templates.

  • Responsive

    Learn anytime, anywhere with industry-leading mobile design.

  • Scalable

    Grow revenue potential by selling and marketing your programs with an integrated storefront experience.

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  • Data Driven

    Get insights into member engagement, course performance and more so you can optimize results.

  • Open

    Connect to your favorite tools to build a powerful, reliable tech ecosystem.

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  • Reliable

    With a cloud-based infrastructure and >99.95% uptime, get peace of mind that our platforms won’t let you down.

  • Secure

    Count on rock-solid security with ISO27001- and ISO27018 certifications to keep your data safe.

They made the impossible happen. It was a miracle and a true game changer for the company. Back then, it was an employee three days a week to do this task. Now, with the growth we’ve had over 11 years, it’s easily a week to a week and a half worth of time to do just this one task that is completely automated due to customization.

– Connie Ryan, Founder and President, Professional Development Institute

Enhance Your Association’s Learning Programs With D2L Support and Services

Get all the help you need to plan, build and elevate online learning experiences that delight members.

Onboarding Services

Get up to speed quickly with our personalized, people-first approach.

Customer Support Services

Keep the momentum going post-launch with customized and flexible support.

Learning Services

Create fantastic learning experiences with our proven course design and development approach.

Optimization Services

Get the attention and care you need to take your results to the next level.

Every Journey Starts With a First Step, Let’s Take It Together

Our team is standing by to help you reshape the future of education and work.