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Associations Member Learning and Training LMS

Make Online Learning a Membership Magnet

Creating and delivering effective, easy-to-use learning experiences just got easier with D2L for Associations. Transform your online learning program into a distinctive member benefit. Attract new members. Redefine engagement. Drive revenue growth. Do it all with D2L for Associations.

World-Class Learning Made Easy

Watch these videos to see how D2L Brightspace can transform learning at your association.

Trusted by Forward-Thinking Organizations

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Designed to Meet Your Needs

Finally, a flexible, easy-to-use platform designed to adapt to the unique needs of your association. Now you can engage admins, facilitators and learners with dynamic learning experiences.

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Collaborate and Build Community

Move beyond community management, and into the realm of community participation. Boost collaboration, create a culture of shared knowledge and build a strong sense of community among your members.

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Content Creation just got Easier

Create and deliver effective, easy-to-use learning experiences with intuitive, no-code authoring tools and templates. Simplify content creation and curate a learning hub that engages and resonates.

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Faster Ways to Assess Learners

Reduce time-consuming manual activities with easy-to-use assessment tools that streamline and automate workflows. Now you can focus more on performance tracking, knowledge acquisition and overall optimization.

Let’s Make It Happen

Transforming your online learning program into a membership magnet has never been easier. Get the full picture of what’s possible.