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Government Employee Training LMS

Build Workforce Skills With Flexible, Secure, Scalable Training

The training you provide has to accomplish a lot. Your employees need it to be meaningful for their careers, motivating to take and easy to access. At the same time, your department needs to be able to deliver it at scale and adapt in the face of change—all without compromising security, safety and privacy.

Stay a Step Ahead With Your Skills Development Strategy

Stay a Step Ahead With Your Skills Development Strategy

When employees flourish, so does your department. Deliver learning programs that set everyone up for success.

Training That Engages Your Workforce. Security That Keeps Them Safe.

Our secure learning platform gives you the tools you need to create learning programs that engage employees and help them develop the skills to excel in their roles.

The Power to Elevate Employee Training Is Yours

Create unforgettable learning experiences that boost skills development with Brightspace. We have the technology, expertise and passion to help you transform the way your workforce learns.

  • Accessible

    Create learning experiences that can reach every learner.

  • Flexible

    Create your own custom content or curate it from third-party providers.

  • Responsive

    Learn anytime, anywhere with industry-leading mobile design.

  • Personalized

    Deliver differentiated learning experiences at scale for all your organization’s learners.

  • Data Driven

    Get insights into rates of adoption, engagement, retention and more so you can make informed decisions.

  • Seamless

    A continuous delivery model for updates helps to cut out downtime, even during maintenance.

  • Reliable

    With a cloud-based infrastructure and 99.95% uptime, get peace of mind that our platforms won’t let you down.

  • Secure

    Rely on rock-solid security with ISO27001- and ISO27018 certifications to keep your data safe.

Enhance Your Employee Training Programs With D2L Support and Services

Get all the help you need to plan, build and elevate online learning experiences that get employees invested in their professional development.

Onboarding Services

Make transitioning to Brightspace a breeze with our personalized, people-first approach.

Customer Success and Support

Ensure your momentum doesn’t plateau with our customer success and technical support teams that jump in once you’re up and running.

Learning Services

Create memorable learning experiences with courseware design and development.

Optimization Services

Get premium daily help with Brightspace administration, technical support, and data analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • D2L Link is a powerful tool that connects Brightspace with the systems you use every day. It seamlessly automates previously manual tasks, improving data accuracy and increasing cohesion between organizational functions.

    Our experts will work with you to map an ideal workflow between Brightspace and your other tools that saves you time and helps improve business outcomes.

Want To Learn More About How We Can Support Workforce Capability Through Learning?

Our team of learning experts is here to help you reshape the future of learning for your department.