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From effective practices to new research, neo-millennial instructor techniques to professional development, get unlimited access to everything you need to deliver better teaching and learning.

teaching and learning master class series

D2L Master Class

Welcome to the D2L Master Class Series

You know your subject matter in depth and breadth, but how fully do you know learning?

Time is precious and short. Professional development money is tight. Quality information about how to best teach students is hard to find.

Access free, high-quality professional development focused on helping educators master the art and science of teaching. Each 60-90 minute Master Class will cover a specific area of teaching and learning while engaging an expert in conversations about the how, what, and why. These micro-courses will go deeply into a specific facet of teaching and learning, with the content taking most people 45-60 minutes to get through and another 30 minutes of assessment time for anyone seeking a micro-credential. With certifications available and dozens of effective, researched resources made available for continued reading and exposure, you will be setup to master teaching and learning elements through manageable scaffolding.

Join your peers from around the globe and learn from master practitioners.

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Upcoming Classes

  • As educators, learning frameworks are the foundation of everything we do, and effective use of learning frameworks can truly make a master teacher. But understanding when to use learning frameworks, and how to truly ensure they support your learners, can be a challenge. Join your hosts (Dr. Jeff Borden, Chief Academic at D2L, and Kassia Ghandi, Academic Affairs Director at D2L), as they unpack the power and importance of learning frameworks and share a model you can use to analyze how to best apply them in the classroom.

  • If you work in education, you may have heard the term Social Emotional Learning (SEL) used more frequently in recent conversation, as educators grapple with ways to support the sometimes-forgotten elements of learning: self-regulation, social and self-awareness, and collaborative skills. We know that Social Emotional Learning is critical for academic success but applying it practically in the classroom or lecture hall can be challenging. In this class, David McGeary – former K-12 principal, SEL expert, and Solutions Engineer at D2L – will join your hosts Dr. Jeff Borden (Chief Academic, D2L) and Kassia Ghandi (Academic Affairs Director, D2L) to discuss all things Social Emotional Learning. David will provide some vital grounding, research and, most importantly, practical ideas for implementing SEL tactics in the classroom.

  • Mindset and mindfulness are two separate – but interconnected – concepts often explored in education because of their positive impacts on academic and social learning. In this class, Dr. Cristi Ford, D2L’s VP of Academic Affairs, and Kassia Gandhi, the Director of Academic Affairs, discuss all things mindset and mindfulness. What is the difference between mindset and mindfulness in education, and can growth mindset exist without mindfulness? What are some practical ways to employ mindfulness and mindset strategies in teaching and learning? And what are the pitfalls associated with employing these strategies in the classroom? Along the way, we’ll explore new research, practice mindfulness ourselves, and reflect on the true impact of “the 2 M’s” on education.

Your hosts

  • Dr. Cristi Ford

    VP of Academic Affairs

  • Kassia Gandhi

    Academic Affairs Director

  • Dr. Brittany Singleton

    Academic Affairs Manager