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Content by educators for educators. Our blogs, videos, podcasts, interviews and webinars are all designed to help you maximize student engagement and achievement through quality instruction.


Podcast: How to be an Educational Disruptor, with Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes

Join us for chat with Yorkville University’s President Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes on innovation and disruption in the higher ed industry.

Make the Most of Summer Break: Practical Tips for K-12 Teachers 

How to set up students—and yourself—for success in the fall.

Podcast: How to Honor Student Voices in Higher Ed Spaces, with Kiara Williams

Join D2L for a chat about the importance of honoring student voices in higher education spaces with advocate Kiara Williams

Podcast: The Importance of Data-Driven Decision Making at Higher Ed Institutes, with Dr. Amelia Parnell

Join D2L for a chat with Dr. Amelia Parnell about data and analytics at higher education institutes and why she believes everyone is a data person.

K-12 Professional Learning: Key Takeaways From Two Texas Conferences

At the Digital Learning Annual Conference and the National Conference on Education, professional learning strategies and techniques took center stage. Here’s what I learned from attending both events.

Podcast: How to Design Micro-credential Courses, with Dr. Luke Dowden

Join D2L for a chat with Dr. Luke Dowden about how to approach designing sustainable micro-credential courses.

Podcast: How to Manage Learning Loss in the K-12 Classroom, with Dr. Kiana Pendleton

Join D2L for a discussion on learning loss, equity and leadership in the K-12 classroom with Dr. Kiana Pendleton.

How to Personalize Access and Participation in Education

Best practices for understanding the importance of accessibility in education and determining how to properly ensure access and participation for all learners.