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Content by educators for educators. Our blogs, videos, podcasts, interviews and webinars are all designed to help you maximize student engagement and achievement through quality instruction.


Actionable Insights to Improve Equality in Education with Daysha Jackson-Sanchez

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 16 of Teach & Learn: A Podcast for Curious Educators, brought to you by D2L. Hosted by Dr. Cristi Ford and Dr. Emma Zone from…

How AI Can Support Educators With Instructional Design: A Dr. Luke Hobson Webinar Summary

If you’re interested in learning about how AI can support instructional design or the creation of course materials, you’ve come to the right webinar recap.

How to Use Your LMS to Create Equitable & Accessible Online Learning Environments

In the ever-shifting modern classroom, fostering an equitable and accessible online education experience is essential.

Distance Education Is Under Threat: What You Need to Know With Dr. Van Davis

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 15 of Teach & Learn: A podcast for curious educators, brought to you by D2L. Hosted by Dr. Cristi Ford and Dr. Emma Zone from…

Reflections From the K-12 Symposium at OLC Innovate

AI, community building and equitable learning programs were all topics of interest at the first OLC Innovate K-12 Symposium.

Introducing Dr. Emma Zone, Your Higher Ed Teaching and Learning Host

Dr. Emma Zone brings a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning K-12 and higher education in various roles. We are thrilled to welcome her as Senior Director of Academic Affairs at D2L and are excited to learn from her research and insights as she contributes to master classes, the Teach & Learn podcast and blogs as part of D2L’s Teaching and Learning Studio.

Reimagined Webinar Recap: Ethical Concerns of AI in Education

We share highlights from a recent D2L webinar on the ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the classroom.