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Healthcare LMS for Hospitals and Nurses

Support and Inform Your Healthcare

Help practicing professionals keep pace with industry trends and best practices to inform and support clinical performance and patient care.

Healthcare QuickEval

Go Beyond Compliance Training

Deliver agile elearning capabilities that supercharge professional development and keep practitioners on the cutting edge of on-the-job skills and knowledge.

A healthcare professional walking in a hallway looking at a tablet

Build a Learning Culture That Works for You

  • Offer collaborative learning and personalized pathways tailored to individual roles.

  • Transform work practices and boost digital literacy with on-demand training.

  • Increase efficiency with digital content delivery. Busy clinical staff can learn anywhere, anytime, on any device.

What You can do With D2L

Measure Your Success

Monitor login trends, course access, tool usage, enrollment data and more with intuitive dashboards and actionable reports. Identify trends and patterns to measure learning effectiveness and make data-informed decisions about your training and learning programs.

Take a Closer Look at Brightspace

Take a Closer Look at Brightspace

Get ready for all the tools and support you need to engage and enable your employees.

Want to Learn How You Can Drive Success With Training?

You bring your needs and goals. We’ll bring Brightspace.