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Where AI Meets Education

We’re strategically integrating D2L Lumi into everyday workflows to enhance them in meaningful ways while keeping humans at the core of everything we do.

Generate practice questions in Brightspace
Generate practice questions in Brightspace
Person using the 'Generate Questions' feature in D2L Brightspace

What Sets D2L Lumi Apart

There’s AI. And then there’s D2L Lumi. The D2L way.

With over 25 years of EdTech expertise and specialization, we’ve been investing in AI to push the boundaries of learning. While doing so, we prioritize security and privacy, both in the development and use of AI systems and in providing customers complete control over their data. No customer data is used to train the LLM, so you will always be in charge of when, where, and how AI systems are used.

Today with cutting-edge generative AI technology we are delivering an enhanced learning experience – one that is easy, smart and truly human for all.

  • Better Achievement: Help learners succeed and reach their goals even faster.
  • Smarter Content Creation: Create engaging, effective and efficient learning experiences easier.
  • Insightful Analytics: Make informed decisions and deliver impactful learning experiences.
  • 45%

    Increase in course completion (source).

  • 30%

    Reduction in course development time (source).

  • 26%

    Increase in overall test scores with adaptive learning models (source).

See What’s in D2L Lumi

D2L Lumi for Everyone

teacher presenting to class using video conferencing on laptop

D2L Lumi for Educators

Boosting efficiency to keep the focus on delivering high-quality learning experiences.

  • Save time and effort by generating impactful materials so you can focus on teaching and learner engagement.

  • Record closed-captioned videos and audio clips to enhance accessibility and engagement for more inclusive and interactive learning.

  • Identify at-risk learners early with predictive analytics and dashboards so you can proactively support those who need it most.

Teacher working at table with laptop

D2L Lumi for Course Authors

Streamlining the time-consuming process of building impactful learning experiences.

  • Automatically generate content-aligned practice questions to seamlessly integrate testing into the learning experience.

  • Develop engaging content faster than ever by building accessible, interactive elements without the need for coding know-how.

  • Quickly resolve issues and find information with a handy AI tool to maintain a smooth and efficient workflow.

Student working on laptop

D2L Lumi for Learning

Improving achievement, driving outcomes and streamlining learning.

  • Access powerful AI tools to streamline daily tasks, like taking notes and captioning videos for improved collaboration.

  • Access instant feedback and grades so you can better track progress against goals.

  • Get instant feedback on delivery, areas of excellence and improvement, and tone analysis on video assignments.

  • Test learner knowledge with low-stakes formative assessment checks so they can roll into summative evaluations with confidence.

Three workers collaborating at desk

D2L Lumi for Leadership

Supporting faster data collection, interpretation and informed decision-making that drives outcomes.

  • Retain and attract new learners by easily launching or sprucing up your online programs with engaging, interactive content learners love.

  • Gauge the success of your courses and programs with real-time reporting and insightful visuals so you can easily understand and communicate the value of your learning initiatives.

  • Surface powerful insights on assessments and learner performance so your learning teams can optimize their time and resources to focus on learning outcomes.

  • Easily assess, articulate and demonstrate the value of your learning programs with AI-enhanced dashboards, report templates and custom reporting tools.

Leading AI With D2L Lumi

How we’re transforming how we teach, learn and work.

  • Keeping Humans in the Loop

    We’re committed to the responsible development and use of AI to enhance learning experiences for educators and learners. Our D2L Responsible AI Principles guide us as we explore exciting new ways to transform how we teach, learn and work.

  • Webinar: Ethical Concerns about AI in Education

    In this webinar, we explore how to identify and mitigate the ethical risks of AI, strategies for human-centered AI implementation and practical solutions for promoting fair and responsible AI use.

  • Innovation Takes a Village

    We work closely with our customers to listen, gather and implement feedback as we innovate. By working with like-minded AI partners to offer powerful integrations that improve the teaching and learning experience for everyone.

  • Introduction to AI Ethics and Governance

    Let’s build a greater understanding of AI technology and its ethical implications. Get up to speed on responsible AI governance with our free-to-learner course. Access the course.

  • Defining the Future of Learning

    D2L Labs investigates advanced technologies with the greatest potential to enhance learning. That includes AI, machine learning, natural language processing, and other transformative innovations.

  • Teach & Learn: A Podcast for Curious Educators

    Tune in for candid conversations on trending educational topics, teaching strategies and current issues with some of the sharpest minds in the K-20 education space.

What People Are Saying About D2L Lumi

[The practice question beta program] fills the gaps between our instructional designers and academic experts. It’s easy to use and has a straightforward learning curve. The accuracy of the questions was good. Given that this capability is integrated within D2L Brightspace and questions are based on content created in Brightspace, it is convenient to use. Dr. Elizabeth Pearsall Vice Provost of Teaching & Learning at the American College of Financial Services Generate Practice PR
One thing that I really appreciated about it, just in the limited time we’ve spent with it, it just speeds up creating practice questions with Creator+. So not only was it beneficial for it to offer up suggestions of what the questions could be, but just the process of not having to click buttons to type in the questions and set the correct answer and all of that, really saved a lot of time. Travis Hunt Learning Management System Administrator, Northeast Iowa Community College
The Brightspace Virtual Assistant consistently provides our students, faculty and staff with immediate help when it is needed most. Members at all levels of our university take comfort in knowing that they can access relevant support information directly in Brightspace without needing to leave the platform. The Brightspace Virtual Assistant helps relieve IT’s workload along with our other administrative support resources. This time save allows us to provide higher-quality and more timely support to our end users. Angelo Martinello Senior Application Support Specialist, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

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