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D2L Responsible AI Principles

D2L is committed to the responsible development and use of artificial intelligence (AI). We believe that AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we live, work and learn, and we are excited to use it in a way that benefits customers and society in general. We are aware of the distinct risks that AI systems may cause. For this reason, D2L has established the following AI principles to guide how we approach AI in our business.  

These principles are firmly rooted in our mission to transform the way the world learns and our commitment to responsible, trustworthy, and compliant business practices. Through these principles, it is our goal to develop and use AI systems that result in fair and productive learning experiences: 

  • Privacy: D2L prioritizes the privacy rights of our customers, both in the development and use of AI systems and in providing our customers control over their personal data, including automated decisions that are based on their personal data. Our use of AI is consistent with the statements we make in our Privacy Center
  • Bias and Non-discrimination: D2L strives to design, develop, and use AI systems that are unbiased and fair so that they do not cause harm to individuals interacting with D2L.  
  • Security and Robustness: D2L develops and employs safety and security practices that test AI systems to minimize the risks of harm and provide reliability and security throughout the AI system lifecycle. 
  • Transparency: D2L believes AI systems should have explainable outputs and provide relevant stakeholders disclosure about when, where, and how AI systems are used.  
  • Accountability: D2L’s practices related to AI should be clear and accountable to internal and external stakeholders. D2L invests in appropriate mechanisms to support the safe and responsible use of AI. 

We believe that these principles align with our values and are essential to giving our customers and those who interact with D2L confidence in our responsible use of AI systems. We are committed to continuously reviewing and updating these AI principles as AI systems, and the regulatory landscapes governing the use of AI, evolve. 

Last Updated: July 10, 2023