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Course Merchant

An integrated course registration storefront. It helps your organization market course offerings or training programs to a broad audience of learners.

Course Merchant On Laptop
  • Course Merchant gives learners a seamless, self-serve way to register for courses. The storefront can be designed to match your organization’s branding. Single sign-on allows them to move directly into Brightspace when registration is complete. Customers can use the administration area to set up discounts, create bundled course packages, set date-dependent pricing, add and remove products from the store, edit product information as it changes, and create voucher/coupon codes for promotional discounts.

  • Learners can select a product from the SEO-friendly store catalog, add it to the shopping cart, continue shopping if desired, then pass it to Checkout, register with their user data if it is their first visit to the store. The learner can then enter their credit card or PayPal details into the payment gateway chosen for course enrollment. Sophisticated checkout options let you offer multi-seat purchases, process taxes, issue promotional coupon codes, bundle course offerings, and more.

  • Expand your reach through affiliate marketing or share registration links with the public. Support for and SugarCRM integrations enables true enterprise reporting and marketing capabilities.

  • We work closely with our customers to make sure their eCommerce store integrates seamlessly with the course content in the Brightspace Learning Environment. Keywords in course descriptions make the store catalog search engine-friendly, boosting web visibility and therefore sales.

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