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In a fast-changing world, education, professional development and training are changing, too. Discover the ideas and meet the people who are helping companies and educational institutions adapt to change, and helping learners seize new opportunities.

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Digital transformation in higher education — the road ahead

In the early days of online learning, digitization wasn’t a transformative or revolutionary development, even though some may have thought it was. Much of what has been counted in the last few decades as “digital transformation” in education really isn’t transformative at all — and we have a lot further to go. In speaking to Dr. Grajek, Vice President for Communities and Research for EDUCAUSE, I learned about her perspective on digital transformation, what it means today and where we need to venture next.

What can Mastery Learning teachers do now that they couldn’t do before?

Mastery learning is a pedagogical philosophy that—for decades—has been practiced by some of the most innovative educators, but it is not without its challenges. Jon Bergmann, chief evangelist of the Flipped Learning Global Initiative, recently shared his views on the progress he has seen in the classroom when it comes to implementing mastery learning. Join me in discovering some of that exciting progress that has been made.

Protecting Student Privacy

When several United States Senators asked us to share with them our practices and values on protecting student data, we were more than happy to contribute as an example of good stewardship. We believe firmly that student data is priceless and its purpose is for education. Read more for our response to their letter and D2L’s privacy practices.

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Six Takeaways from Fusion

After reflecting on another successful conclusion of Fusion, there were six highlights that I took away. For a recap of Fusion and its highlights, keep on reading.

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Why I’m Blogging: A Blog Post

I’ve been asked why I started this blog. It’s about the conversations that are happening right now, all around us, in businesses, in schools and in the halls of academia, about the future of learning as we approach the one-third mark of the 21st century. Join me in this journey of discovering where learning is going.

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Why CEOs should care about employee engagement

There’s hard data behind it that CEOs need to pay attention to — because an engaged employee is at the heart of modern business success. Employee engagement does more than just increase productivity and profitability — and does even more than raising morale and client satisfaction. It helps to avoid unnecessary costs. There are strategies you can use to get ahead of this. Learn more about how you can take action today.

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Student data isn’t valuable – It’s priceless

Tech giants are under fire for how they handle, sell and manage user data. There continues to be fierce debate on the control and ownership of the data. With all this discussion about data privacy in the media, we want to share our overriding and simple principle on learner data. Continue reading to learn our position on this important matter.

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