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The Blog of John Baker

This is my personal blog that looks at the future of learning and skills – featuring some of the world’s leading thinkers in education and business.

Introducing Creator+

A Complex Learning Landscape It’s no secret that the world around us has become more complicated. Learning has, too. In my conversations with leaders in education and business, I hear…

How Data Can Help Improve the Postsecondary Education Experience

Find out how data can boost postsecondary student engagement, help faculty, and make learning more human.

Back to School, Back to Changing the World

Learning can be most impactful when its centered on three key concepts.

This Year, It Really Was Personal: Five Lessons From Fusion 2022

Here are five main takeaways about Fusion 2022.

The Power of Learning Together at Fusion 2022

At D2L Fusion 2022, we’ll focus on how D2L Brightspace can help educators build strong, long-lasting relationships with learners.

Upskilling in North America: Striking the Right Balance for Employers and Employees

New research from D2L shows the need to make upskilling more accessible and affordable for employees and employers.

What a Year: 5 Things I’m Grateful For

Looking back at this past year—and the year before it—it would be tempting to dwell on the pandemic-related adversity we’ve all endured. I’d rather focus on the myriad of ways that education has lifted us all up.

Accessibility by Design

At D2L, accessibility happens by design. It’s a purposeful, inclusive design practice throughout our product development cycle, and it stems from our shared passion to transform the way the world learns.