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The Blog of John Baker

This is my personal blog that looks at the future of learning and skills – featuring some of the world’s leading thinkers in education and business.

The D2L Family is expanding – and we’re ready to take on bigger challenges

You may have heard the exciting news that D2L is now a public company. This is an exciting milestone — it will mark the end of the beginning and the start of our next chapter of enabling the future of work and learning.

Changing the World in a Changing World

What happens when the world changes so fast that we struggle to keep up? For many institutions mandates have shifted from leading change to surviving it.

Don’t Learn to Swim in a Flood: How One University Dealt with the COVID-19 Crisis

Today’s schools—no matter where they are in their own journey—need to create resiliency and sustainability.

D2L Sweeps Awards in 2020

For many of us, 2020 was a tough year, but as a D2Ler, it’s gratifying to end it on a high note with the recognition that you made a difference.

Growing Our Future Talent Today

Goldy Hyder of the Business Council of Canada discusses where we’ve been, where we are now and where we’re headed – as an economy and a society.

Arming You With the Right Information—Presenting D2L’s Complimentary Course on COVID-19

We’ve created a free science-based online course on COVID-19 for anyone who wants to learn about the pandemic, its risks, and how to effectively manage them.

Together We Can Save the School Year

It’s critical we do everything we can to save the school year, to keep students learning and schools functioning, and to prevent an “education recession.”

Every Bit Ethical in a Digital Age

As the technology tools we use evolve, the values that guide how we apply them to learning have not changed a bit.