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The Blog of John Baker

This is my personal blog that looks at the future of learning and skills – featuring some of the world’s leading thinkers in education and business.

Is Bias Baked Into AI?

Jutta Treviranus, leading expert in inclusive design, discusses what is required to ensure AI accounts for diversity and achieves true inclusivity.

Digital Transformation in Higher Education – The Road Ahead

Much of what has been counted as “digital transformation” in education really isn’t transformative at all – we have a lot further to go.

What Can Mastery Learning Teachers Do Now That They Couldn’t Do Before?

While teachers can do more than ever before to support mastery, our work isn’t finished yet. To support the mastery model, we need both modular content, learning activities and support for teachers.

Protecting Student Privacy

Student data should not be bought, sold, or used for advertising. Student data is priceless, and its purpose is for education.

Why I’m Blogging: A Blog Post

#Learning2030 is about the conversations that are happening right now, about the future of learning as we approach the one-third mark of the 21st century.

Why CEOs Should Care About Employee Engagement

Employee engagement does even more than just increasing productivity and profitability and raising morale and client satisfaction.

Student Data Isn’t Valuable – It’s Priceless

With much discussion about data privacy in the news, here are our principles on learner data.