Protecting Student Privacy

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Earlier this summer, I wrote a piece on this blog about the importance of protecting student data. The underlying message of that post is that student data is not a product. It’s not something to be looked at as a commodity to be bought, sold, or used for advertising. Student data is priceless and its purpose is for education.

At D2L, we fundamentally believe student data is for learning. We place our value on the education of students and the learning they are able to access through our platform. That’s why when several United States Senators asked us to share with them our practices and values, we were more than happy to contribute our best practices as an example of good stewardship.

I want to share our response to their letter with you all here so that this message is heard even outside of policy circles. Please view our response to U.S. Senate Letter here.

Transparency is a critical component of ensuring trust in practice, and we should expect all of our service providers to openly and willingly share their privacy practices with us. To better facilitate our pro-active sharing, we launched in July our new Privacy Center where our customers, students, and parents can read about our privacy practices in easy to understand language.

Since I founded this company in 1999, our mission has been to transform the way the world learns. For the last twenty years, we have done that by keeping our focus on learning and protecting data. We’ll keep doing that.

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