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LMS for Not-for-Profits and Charities

Strengthen Your Mission with High-Impact Learning

Transform your educational programs with impactful learning experiences that keep your constituents engaged, inspired and connected to your mission with D2L Brightspace.

Work Smarter, Not Harder - Do More With Your Expertise

Overcome Engagement and Impact Challenges

To boost engagement and inspire your donors, members, employees and volunteers, you need content that resonates with diverse audiences.

Without the right tools, you risk losing connection, reducing impact and stunting your mission’s growth.

Imagine a world where your mission drives a vibrant, engaged community—one where volunteers are inspired, donors are motivated and staff are continuously upskilled. It’s time to amplify your impact.

Your Catalyst for Mission-Driven Growth

Revolutionize how you educate, engage and empower your constituents with Brightspace.

High-Impact Learning

Keep your audience connected and inspired with personalized learning pathways. Deliver learning programs and certifications to your constituents that help them engage and grow your mission. Elevate your educational programs to inspire and upskill your audiences effortlessly.

Productivity and Capacity-Building

Boost efficiency and scale with ease. Simplify content creation and course management with AI-powered tools. Create a central hub for your community to stay connected and informed. Optimize learning administration with automation and integrations, freeing up your team to focus on mission-critical tasks.

Data-Driven Decisions

Transform insights into impact. Track and analyze the effectiveness of your learning programs. With robust analytics, demonstrate ROI to leadership and donors. Make informed decisions based on the needs of learners to enhance your mission’s reach and effectiveness.

Real Stories, Real Results

Discover the possibilities with the right tools and a guide to thrive.

Longwood Gardens Logo

“It was important to us to build a partnership with an elearning company that could help us implement our online programs and find solutions to our learning objectives. D2L had both the technology and the educational expertise we needed.”

– Susan Caldwell, Instructional Designer and Learning Techniques Manager, Longwood Gardens

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New Leaders logo

“We initially planned for the switch over to Brightspace to take up to a full academic year. With the help of the D2L team, we were able to implement Brightspace and go live with all our programming in under three months!”

– Anthony Ritz, Director of Learning Experience and Design, New Leaders

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The Robb Nash Project Customer Logo

“We were really impressed with how passionately the D2L team threw themselves into this project. The support they provided was excellent, they held our hand throughout the whole project and gave us the training we needed to understand the full potential of the Brightspace platform. Whenever we had a problem, help was always available in less than 24 hours.”

– Linda Poulin, Director of Educational Programs, The Robb Nash Project

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Why Brightspace

  • Worried about the hassle of switching? Our dedicated support team ensures a smooth transition with minimal disruption.

  • Concerned about adoption? Our user-friendly interface, comprehensive training, services and support make it easy for all users to get on board quickly.

  • Unsure about the impact? Look no further than clients like The Robb Nash Project and Longwood Gardens to see the tangible benefits.

Brightspace on Tablet and Phone

See Brightspace in Action

The best way to see what Brightspace can do for you? Experience it firsthand. Book an interactive demo tailored to your needs.

  • Get your questions answered without the awkward sales pitch
  • Explore the features and tools most relevant to you
  • Hear how others use Brightspace to drive success

Over 25 Years of Excellence in Education

Proof of our commitment to learning excellence and innovation.

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We Support Every Step of Your Journey

  • Ensure a smooth transition to Brightspace with our experts who offer a personalized, people-first approach.

  • Engage constituents and boost outcomes with a team of experienced instructional designers and course developers.

  • Keep the momentum going post-launch with customized, flexible support.

  • Get the attention and care you need to take your results to the next level with expertise in technical implementation, learning administration and learning analytics.

Unlock Your Mission’s Full Potential with D2L Brightspace

Take the next step towards a more engaged and impactful organization. Partner with D2L to transform your educational programs and drive your mission forward. Get started today to see how our solutions can empower your constituents and expand your reach.