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K12 Brightspace Resources

Whether you want quick tips and tricks videos, full-length webinars, or access to groups of other Brightspace users, here is where you’ll find everything you need to get the most out of Brightspace.

  • Brightspace Training
    Step-by-step training resources with self-serve webinars to create and customize your own Brightspace training sessions Brightspace Training
  • Self-Serve Webinars
    Tiered webinars for school or district-wide training that progress from the basic to the robust tools you have with Brightspace Self-Serve Webinars
  • T&L Webinars
    Effective practice workflows and use case examples for you to optimize your Brightspace classroom T&L Webinars
  • Quick Tips for D2L Brightspace
    Quick video tutorials that showcase best practice workflows, examples, tips and tricks, and help optimize your Brightspace classroom Quick Tips for D2L Brightspace
  • Facebook
    K-12 Brightspace Facebook Group
    Connect and learn from other Brightspace users and offer your Brightspace tips and tricks K-12 Brightspace Facebook Group
  • Community
    Join the Community to find answers, resources, tips and proven ideas from Brightspace users just like you Community
  • Ontario VLE
    All things Ontario, from VLE-specific training to TELT contacts and French-language resources Ontario VLE