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Fusion 2024: Our Learning Transformation

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In a few days, a record-breaking crowd will gather in Toronto for D2L Fusion 2024 – for the first time ever our exec summit and main event have sold out for in-person attendance!

I can’t wait to reconnect with so many friends from all around the world.

John Baker

After 25 years leading D2L, the chance to gather with such a vibrant, dynamic community of leaders from all over the world only gets more exciting. For me, Fusion is more than just a conference. It’s a celebration of our shared commitment to learners and innovation – and a glimpse into the future of learning and work. Although we’ve sold out the venue, you can still register to check out Fusion via on-demand livestream here.

That’s why our theme this year, “Our Learning Transformation,” resonates so deeply with me. At D2L, we’ve always believed in the power of technology to improve outcomes for learners and help them achieve more than they ever dreamed possible.

But transformational learning is about more than just using great technology to solve problems — it’s about unlocking creativity in learners and, ultimately, discovering the most important problems to solve. It’s about helping learners find delight in learning and helping new pathways unfold in front of them.

Our Learning Transformation, in other words, is as much about our human journey as it is about the technology we use to get there.

At Fusion, we’ll explore this concept by reflecting on our shared journey and exploring the future. We’ll delve into the present state of learning transformation, showcasing new approaches that clients are using to helping more people achieve their dreams. And we will look ahead to the future, where artificial intelligence and other innovations are set to play a pivotal role, and we’ll consider ways we can use it to improve the human learning experience.

We’ve been gathering annually to talk about learning for a couple decades now, but for me, it never gets old. I always feel invigorated by the speakers I hear, and I’m always inspired by the stories from educators, leaders, and learners – from clients spanning K12 to higher ed to the largest companies in the world – all coming together at one event to focus on the future of learning.

As we continue our learning transformation there’s nowhere that I would rather be in this moment than at Fusion – and no group of people I would rather be with than the friends and colleagues I’ve made along the way on our journey to transform the way the world learns.

See you soon!

Written by:

John Baker

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