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Make It Easy for Users to Get Answers Quickly and Efficiently With End User Support

Day or night, rest assured that learners and educators are supported in D2L Brightspace.


Help desks can get bogged down when it comes to juggling multiple tools, software and security. And oftentimes, there aren’t enough resources to provide users with timely, efficient support. Wait times can get lengthy, leaving users without assistance for even the simplest issues, which can ultimately cause their experience to suffer.

Supply your Brightspace users with the help they need, when they need it, so your support team can focus on other IT needs. From digital communication, including chat and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered contextual help to a fully branded help desk with a dedicated support manager, our End User Support (EUS) team can provide a quality-first approach with regular reporting that saves you time and helps boost your impact.

What Do End User Support Services Offer?

Convenience and flexibility are at the heart of the EUS, equipping you with valuable resources and enabling you to offer users a wide variety of support channels:

  • Offer real-time, around-the-clock services: live chat, email and toll-free phone options.
  • Embed AI-powered contextual help right in the learning environment, with Brightspace Virtual Assistant.
  • Triage issues through a customized help desk with workflows that fit your needs.
  • Understand trends and user satisfaction through a regular case review process.
  • Get expert advice to help streamline and improve the user experience.
  • Reduce wait times and make it easy for users to get the support they need, when they need it.
  • Provide answers to FAQs at your organization through a custom self-serve portal.
  • Help more users in less time by augmenting your help desk by adding access to a team of D2L experts.

End User Support at D2L is great. Not only do they solve the problem at hand, but they also leverage data to anticipate issues before they become a problem.

Jackie Barker, director, VMWare IT Academy

What’s Brightspace Virtual Assistant?

Brightspace Virtual Assistant (BVA) is a contextual AI help tool embedded right within Brightspace that acts as a first point of contact for support. Users receive help—immediately, anytime and on any device—that’s tailored toward their site, role and language within the learning environment. This means that learners are provided with resources intended for learners, and instructors are provided with resources intended for instructors. Plus, BVA can answer frequently asked questions that are specific to your organization, such as those about policies, financial aid and enrollment services.

A chat box appearing in the Brightspace platform. The user enters the query, "I need to reset a quiz attempt" and receives a suggested article for support that's titled "Reset quiz attempts". The user scrolls through the article within the chat box in Brightspace and then proceeds to follow the instructions from the article to successfully reset the quiz attempt.

The Brightspace Virtual Assistant consistently provides our students, faculty and staff with immediate help when it is needed most. Members at all levels of our university take comfort in knowing that they can access relevant support information directly in Brightspace without needing to leave the platform. The Brightspace Virtual Assistant helps relieve IT’s workload along with our other administrative support resources. This time saved allows us to provide higher-quality and more timely support to our end users.

Angelo Martinello, senior application support specialist, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

Around-the-clock support channels help improve user satisfaction and allow more time for instructors and learners to focus on their teaching, learning and growth goals (and for your team to tackle strategic projects).

Get the Most Out of D2L Brightspace

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