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Episode 16 - Teach & Learn

How to be an Educational Disruptor, with Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes

Join us for chat with Yorkville University’s President Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes on innovation and disruption in the higher ed industry.

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Episode Description

As we reflect on the experts we’ve had on our show and the topics we’ve discussed during our inaugural season, one theme ties everything together: innovation. Whether it’s new technology or transforming how learning is delivered to a changing student demographic, higher education and the people in it are resilient and forever innovating.

Our guest today, Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes, is the President and Vice-Chancellor of Yorkville University. A true educational disruptor, she’s become known for creating radical shifts in the higher education industry in Canada over the course of her career. Dr. Christensen Hughes and Dr. Ford chatted about:

  • How early university experiences helped shape Dr. Christensen Hughes’ path as an educational disruptor.
  • The challenges with the traditional tenure and promotion process.
  • Yorkville University’s ‘10 Signature Learning Outcomes’ and why they matter.
  • How offering flexible, asynchronous learning opportunities allows those from underserved communities to continue their education.

Show Notes

01:20: Dr. Ford introduces Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes

03:33: How Dr. Christensen Hughes’ early experiences as a university student laid the path for her calling

11:23: Why a lot of the best educational innovation occurs outside of the formal system and why that needs to change

13:42: The problem with the traditional tenure and promotion process

17:44: How Dr. Christensen Hughes built a globally-ranked MBA program with a focus on sustainability

23:50: The importance of teaching transferrable foundational skills

28:42: Private vs public universities

34:00: What’s next for Dr. Christensen Hughes


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