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Episode 18 - Teach & Learn

Designing and Delivering Effective Professional Development for K-12 Teachers, with Dr. Joy Karavedas

Join D2L for a conversation with Dr. Joy Karavedas on the importance of developing effective professional development for K-12 teachers.

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Episode Description

Today’s show is our final one of the season—and what a note to end on. We’re joined by our guest host, Dr. Brittany Singleton, academic affairs manager at D2L. Dr. Singleton has spent her career working in roles across the K-12, special education and higher education sectors.

In this episode, we’re discussing professional development (PD) in K-12 educators. We all know that effective PD is essential to the growth of not only educators but also students. When done correctly and consistently, it provides teachers with the necessary training needed to meet the needs of young learners. There’s a growing need and opportunity to modernize K-12 PD and to support educators and leaders with a vision forward.  

However, professional development has not always been prioritized given the many other responsibilities facing educators every day.  With the rise in teacher burnout, it has become imperative that we figure out a practical way to offer PD that meets the needs of our teachers.

To discuss this issue further, we welcomed Dr. Joy Karavedas, Director of Research and New Program Development at Orange Lutheran High School.Dr. Karavedas and Dr. Singleton chatted about:

  • How professional development can reduce burnout and increase retention rates among K-12 teachers.
  • The role of technology in delivering professional development opportunities.
  • Why it’s so important to create a school culture that values educators.
  • Tips for personalizing your PD offerings for K-12 teachers.

Show Notes

00:39: An introduction to Dr. Joy Karavedas.

02:55: Dr. Karavedas defines professional development for K-12 educators.

04:05: Thoughts on how professional development can reduce teacher burnout and improve retention.

07:01: Why offering PD that’s flexible and individualized is so important.

10:14: Dr. Karavedas touches on the role technology plays in professional learning educator success.

12:10: Tips for personalizing professional learning for teachers.

14:27: How to incentivize, measure and reward educators for the time they spend on PD.

16:36: How to design authentic PD that incorporates practice, reflection and feedback.

18:35: The importance of creating a school culture and climate that values educators as professionals.

21:09: Dr. Karavedas’ final thoughts on professional development in educators.


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