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Integrations With D2L Brightspace Can Be Faster and Easier With D2L Link

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Connecting tools to help create a cohesive technology ecosystem isn’t just a good idea—doing so is a must. Organizations need their tech stack to communicate and share data so they can help to eliminate delays, improve communication and increase accuracy. Enter D2L Link.


Quick and effective integrations are essential for organizations to help track and report on their learning programs—and beyond. Imagine an organization with hundreds of employees or thousands of learners. If information is spread across systems but the systems aren’t talking, the misalignment can have a big impact on business outcomes.

But integrations aren’t known to be quick and easy. The size and complexity of workflows happening within systems can make the transfer and communication of data between them an overwhelming task for many organizations. For example, ensuring that a learning management system (LMS) communicates with a human resources information system (HRIS) could require any combination of manual data entry, custom APIs, homegrown solutions or expensive outsourcing—all of which are not ideal. And, accessing the required resources —like time, budget and specialized skillsets —to build custom integrations is often not an option. This is why we’ve made it easier and faster to integrate D2L Brightspace with other systems through D2L Link.

Connect Brightspace with the systems you use every day to help automate manual tasks and increase cohesion between organizational functions.
D2L Link logo connected to systems it can integrate with.

Connect Your Systems

Integrate Brightspace with the systems you use every day to help automate manual tasks and improve data accuracy with a connected ecosystem using D2L Link. We’ll work with you to map an ideal workflow between Brightspace and your other tools that saves you time and helps improve business outcomes.

Picture this: Your HRIS is your source of truth system. You add a new employee to your HRIS, and a user is automatically created and enrolled in your compliance courses in Brightspace. Once the employee completes a course in Brightspace, their profile is automatically updated in your HRIS and you get notified—all with no duplicate actions, no manual data entry and no cross-checking. And that’s just the beginning of what’s possible through D2L Link.

Go From Siloed To Unified

Get Up and Running Faster: Help to cut down implementation time by leveraging out-of-the-box integrations that can be set up in a matter of hours, not months.

Leverage Better Insights: When data is scattered throughout your tech stack, getting reliable insights can be challenging or nearly impossible. By connecting data from multiple sources to create a holistic view of your organization, you can get consistent, accurate information that you can rely on.

Gain Organizational Efficiencies: Automating the transfer of data helps to reduce strain on internal resources, cut hours spent on manual data entry and minimize potential human errors.

Rely on Us: Our partnership approach means experts will work with you to see that you get the most out of D2L Link. Confidently integrate your systems and automate complex processes with workflows that are delivered and maintained by D2L experts.

D2L Link Connects Your Ecosystem Together

Business outcomes and your corporate learning strategy are interdependent. Make sure your tech stack is on the same page.

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