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The Complete Guide to Blended Learning

The future of work is hybrid, and educators intent on bringing together in-person and online experiences believe the future of learning is hybrid too. In blended learning, the real-world classroom…

3 Myths About Personalised Learning for Member Education

We’re debunking some myths about personalised learning in member-based continuing education and training programs.

3 Ways to Humanise Online Learning in Higher Ed 

Get tips from D2L webinar panelists on how adding synchronous elements, building real relationships and making data-informed decisions can make online learning more human.

How to Successfully Implement Corporate Change Management: A Comprehensive Guide

There are two constants in life: Change and resistance to it. In this guide, we’ll share everything you need to know about effective corporate change managemen

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3 Ways to Humanize Online Learning in Higher Ed 

Online learning has many advantages. It’s flexible and can give students more control over when, where and how they learn. It can also help institutions reach a wider audience of…

Staying curious about ChatGPT

AI is changing learning, but no matter how clever it may appear to be, technology cannot do our learning for us.

Digitising Medical Colleges in India: Find the Best LMS

Stay ahead of the curve in medical education with virtual learning environments. Discover how LMS aligns with the National Medical Commission’s guidelines for competency-based learning, and provide a user-friendly and accessible experience.

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