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Product Focus

Transforming the Way
the World Learns, Together

How do we build better products? By working with the people who use them. Your input helps us focus our collective expertise in the service of your greatest needs and goals. When it comes to taking learning to the next level, it’s you that makes it possible—we’re here to help you thrive and shine.

Partner with D2L

Your Vision + Our Capability

From discovery and research to development and launch, the user sits at the center of our product development process. Because together, the possibilities are endless. With your needs top of mind, we rally to build powerful and easy-to-use tools for teachers and learners. We strive to build the right thing—and build the thing right—with in-house expertise in researching, designing, developing and delivering flexible and engaging online learning tools and courseware. 

Check Out Our 2023 Roadmap

We are continuously connecting with you, our amazing customers, and gathering feedback. You’ve helped shape the enhancements we’re working on in 2023, so thanks for being part of our journey. For an overview of our process, themes and priorities for this year, stick around and scroll down. To dive straight into the details of what features are coming and when, visit the roadmap in the D2L Brightspace Community.

View roadmap View the D2L 2023 product roadmap

Status Quo, Meet Your Match

Ideas, big and small, shake things up. They challenge uniformity and one-size-fits-all thinking. They solve problems, improve lives and transform the way we see the world. Ideas are the fruits of fresh perspectives, the inexhaustible returns of diversity. Sparking innovation, insisting on change for the better, ideas connect our people and our communities.

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Be Part of the Change

Around here, it’s our connection with you that drives innovation. Year after year, we tackle new challenges and explore emerging possibilities, always with a finger on the pulse of your needs. How do we do it? By working with our broader community, listening and learning, and seeking insights from every angle.

  • D2L Brightspace Community and Product Ideas Exchange (PIE)
  • Design studies
  • Advisory boards
  • Direct client and prospect interactions
  • Market research

Bringing Ideas to Life

Developing the what, why and when of our roadmap is a thorough but swift process that happens twice a year.

Where should we focus?

First, D2L leaders across K-12, Higher Education and Corporate gather your input and propose initiatives based on what they’ve learned about upcoming teaching and learning needs.

What are the priorities?

Next, we analyze the impact, scope and complexity of each initiative to determine relative priority.

What will it take?

After that, we schedule our product development according to the experience and availability of our teams.

When will we deliver?

We then communicate when we’ll get the work done and deliver on what we said we’d do.


A Focus on the Learning Moment

Learning never stops, and neither do we. Anytime, anywhere learning happens, we’ll be there for you.

Delivering Excellence

When products are built around user needs, everybody wins.

Join Our Community

Connect with like-minded educators, professionals and experts by joining our D2L Brightspace Community today. Come share your knowledge and learn from others. While you’re at it, check out what’s new at D2L.


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