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Upskilling Platform

Future-Proof Your Business Today With Learning

How do you define future-proof? World-class talent development? A culture of continuous growth? Bingo. It’s time to build the skills your organization needs, engage your people and empower a culture of nonstop growth.

Trusted by Companies Across North America

Headache-Free Learning Curation

Sifting through a jungle of learning opportunities? Tired of having to hunt down top-tier upskilling for all your employees? If you can’t deliver the learning your team needs today, you can’t be ready for tomorrow.

Imagine everything you need—and nothing you don’t—all in one place. With D2L for Business, it’s easier than ever to offer, approve and register for courses and programs. The best part? Expert support every step of the way.

Shape Your Workforce for Tomorrow

Offer Courses Galore

Connect employees to a massive catalog of preapproved courses and programs from top-tier education providers.

Be a Talent Magnet

Attract and engage top talent with flexible, business-aligned learning program that keeps them coming back for more.

Maximize Your ROI

Connect the dots and measure your program’s effectiveness with org-wide analytics that help you shape your impact.

Why Choose D2L’s Upskilling Platform

  • Anytime, Anywhere Learning

    Empower growth with business-aligned learning opportunities employees can access anywhere and on any device.

  • Personalized Learning Paths

    Create a learning program that accommodates everyone from new hires to executives—and everyone in between.

  • Clear, Actionable Data

    Plug-and-play analytics help you connect data to outcomes so you can easily measure, prove and shape your program’s impact.

  • Fast and Efficient

    Streamline your learning program with an easy-to-use, web-based platform packed with tools, resources and supports.

D2L gives our team members the ability to learn new skills and refresh existing skills in a way that suits each individual’s schedule. It will help us serve our customers better while at the same time ensuring everyone within the company feels supported in achieving their career development goals.

– Christine Vigna, Chief People Officer, Dejero

Access a Network of Education Partners

Say goodbye to scaling problems. We partner with top universities, colleges and training organizations to help you quickly and efficiently scale your program. With a massive catalog of courses and programs, your teams can build in-demand skills that align with your business objectives.


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We Hate To Brag, but We’re Pretty Good at What We Do

Become an Organization Where People Want to Come, Stay and Grow

  • Help employees develop new skills with future-focused learning and a simple approval and registration process.

  • Make career growth a breeze for employees with AI that aligns courses and skills with company roles.

  • Unlock opportunities for in-house talent with clear insights into workforce capabilities and skill gaps.

Learning Analytics

Optimize Your Learning Program

  • Liberate learning with an org-wide benefit and direct billing easily managed in-platform.

  • Save time and effort with a centralized workflow for approval, registration and reporting—and clear visibility into progress and completion.

  • Easily track in-house skills development, monitor trends and continuously grow your competitive advantage.

Getting Started Is Easy

Why wait? Make your team today your competitive edge tomorrow.