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D2L Acquires Global SaaS Learning Solution H5P Group

Expands D2L’s course creation product suite

Press Release

D2L + H5P Group

D2L, a global learning technology company, announced today at its annual Fusion user conference that it is acquiring H5P Group, the leading EdTech provider of interactive content creation software with a global user base across more than 50 countries and serving millions of individuals. 

H5P Group was founded in 2014, and is the creator of H5P, the cutting-edge platform for creating rich HTML5 content by offering a free, user-friendly, web-based interface that helps educators, marketers, and businesses develop interactive content. H5P’s innovative suite of over 60 interactive content types, along with its AI-powered Smart Import Tool, helps people to create, share, and reuse enriched course materials to boost learning outcomes.   

Building on its 25 years of learning transformation, D2L is committed to investing in and contributing to the H5P community as it helps more educators deliver better learning experiences, both to D2L Brightspace users and beyond. D2L has helped deliver enhanced content creation through its integration with H5P for many years. Through its dedication to the learning moment, D2L is committed to supporting the H5P open-source community as it continues to drive innovative and quality content interactives. In joining the H5P community, D2L reinforces its dedication to providing powerful learning experiences to transform learning around the world.  

“We are thrilled that H5P is now a part of D2L. At D2L, we believe it should be easy to create engaging and powerful learning content to help users achieve better learning outcomes, and H5P’s suite of user-friendly learning content types is world-class,” said D2L CEO and founder John Baker. “Our mission has always been to bring outstanding, highly personalized learning experiences to everyone, and this is another big step toward that goal. Alongside D2L Brightspace, H5P’s deeply integrated functionality will enable more high-quality, rich learning experiences and raise the standard for content everywhere. We look forward to supporting millions of users and partners to foster better learning outcomes and to help people around the world achieve more than they ever dreamed possible.” 

“It was of great importance to find someone who would embrace the future direction of H5P and help accelerate our progress towards the vision of H5P. It was also crucial to find someone who appreciated the importance of achieving this vision as part of the H5P Community. D2L has been adamant about keeping the things that make H5P great and using their resources and experience to boost and improve areas like facilitating more community contributions. I am extremely excited to be working with D2L to speed up our progress towards the vision of H5P. Together we will accelerate our work to help creatives around the world create better interactive content faster,” said H5P Group CEO and founder Svein-Tore Griff With. 

About D2L    

D2L is transforming the way the world learns—helping learners of all ages achieve more than they dreamed possible. Working closely with customers all over the world, D2L is supporting millions of people learning online and in person. Our global workforce is dedicated to making the best learning products to leave the world better than they found it. Learn more at

About H5P Group 

H5P Group works to improve the world of interactive content by leading the community-driven H5P project. H5P is a cutting-edge platform for creating and distributing rich HTML5 content that helps educators, marketers, and businesses develop interactive content by offering a user-friendly, web-based interface that empowers users to create, share, and reuse engaging interactive content effortlessly. H5P is a plugin for existing publishing systems and is used by hundreds of thousands of universities, enterprises, school districts, schools, and other organizations around the world. 

General FAQ

  • D2L’s acquisition will enhance the H5P product and services by integrating additional resources and expertise. Our goal is to maintain H5P’s innovative and user-friendly aspects while leveraging D2L’s robust infrastructure to improve performance, reliability, and support. Customers can expect continued innovation and improved service delivery.

  • D2L is committed to investing in and contributing to the H5P community as it helps more educators deliver engaging and interactive learning experiences, both to D2L Brightspace users and beyond.

  • Yes, all parts of H5P that are open source today will continue to be open source and will be maintained and improved at a greater pace than before.

  • Yes, all existing integrations with other LMS platforms will continue to be maintained. This guarantees that current users will not experience any disruptions and can continue leveraging H5P’s capabilities across various learning management systems.

  • Yes, community contributions will continue to be welcomed and encouraged. This open collaboration is essential for the ongoing innovation and improvement of H5P, fostering a vibrant and active community.

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