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We’ve Partnered With Accessibility Leader Aira to Provide Free Access for You!

D2L Brightspace users with vision loss living in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom can avail free access to Aira until June 2024 to help them complete visual tasks while using D2L’s Brightspace learning platform.

Access Aira Today – Step by step instructions to get started


  1. Download the app

    It’s free to download and available in the Apple App and Google Play stores.
    Apple Store: Download on the App Store     Android App on Google Play Logo


  2. Create an account

    All we need is your mobile number to get started. No credit cards, no commitments, no problems.


  3. Tap on Apply a Free Access Offer Tap Products Category, Search-Brightspace Click – Apply offer
    Screenshot on mobile device: Apply a Free Access Offer - Call Aira for Free Screenshot on mobile device: Aira app search for Brightspace Screenshot on mobile device: Aira app Brightspace Offer page


  4. Connect with a real person and get stuff done

    A live, trained agent is just one tap away, ready and waiting to help you save time and do more.

Aira logo

About the partnership

Aira is a service that enhances independence and engagement for those who are blind or have low vision. It uses the latest, personalized technology to connect visual interpreters and navigators with blind and low-vision people, providing them with visual information to better conduct tasks on their terms. Aira’s service supplements the Brightspace platform, an industry leading-accessible learning management system, by removing barriers for their learners and creating equal access to information.

Learn more about Aira