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Episode 11 - Teach & Learn

Breaking Down the Tech Behind ChatGPT, with Annie Chechitelli and Linda Feng

Join D2L for a chat with Annie Chechitelli and Linda Feng, where they break down the technical side of ChatGPT and discuss generative AI’s potential impact in the education space.

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Episode Description

Following on from our last episode about ChatGPT, today we’re tackling the technical side of ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a generative text tool created by OpenAI that’s been causing a stir amongst educators and students alike. To discuss this topic further, we welcomed Annie Chechitelli, Chief Product Officer at Turnitin and Linda Feng, Vice President of Architecture at D2L. Our guests and Dr. Ford chatted about:

  • The technology behind how ChatGPT and generative AI tools work
  • How academic integrity comes into play with respect to ChatGPT
  • Decoding the hype around AI
  • Why we must address the ethics and inherent bias in generative text tools
  • How ChatGPT could benefit or hinder progress for students and educators

Show Notes

01:44: An introduction to Linda Feng and Annie Chechitelli

05:27: Linda explains how ChatGPT is trained and why the need to fact check still exists

11:30: Annie breaks down the background of ChatGPT and shares a bit about Turnitin’s AI innovation lab

18:03: Turninit’s current plans for flagging and surfacing AI-generated content in classrooms

27:17: Linda’s thoughts on the impacts of ChatGPT in higher education and K-12 moving forward

30:15: Annie discusses how ChatGPT can positively impact students

33:23: Cristi asks what some potential applications of ChatGPT in specific domain areas could be and how soon we can expect to see them


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