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Episode 12 - Teach & Learn

How to Manage Learning Loss in the K-12 Classroom, with Dr. Kiana Pendleton

Join D2L for a discussion on learning loss, equity and leadership in the K-12 classroom with Dr. Kiana Pendleton.

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Episode Description

In today’s show, we delve back into the K-12 space to address the topic of learning loss. A 2020 article from the American Education Research Association found that students in grades one through eight lost an average of 17-34 percent from the prior year’s learning gains over the summer break. When you tack on a few years of remote schooling due to a pandemic, that number only increases.

To discuss this issue further, we welcomed Dr. Kiana Pendleton, Principal at Laurel Magnet School for the Arts. Dr. Pendleton and Dr. Ford discussed:

  • The myths surrounding magnet schools
  • The role of good leadership in combating learning loss
  • How equitable access to technology impacts learner journeys
  • Using qualitive and quantitative data to track student progress
  • The importance of offering professional development opportunities that fit into a teacher’s lifestyle

Show Notes

01:00: An introduction to Dr. Kiana Pendleton

02:40: How Dr. Pendleton maintained a sense of normalcy during the pandemic

08:24: How good leadership has a trickle-down effect

11:09: Dr. Pendleton on the myths around magnet schools

15:42: Why leadership matters when addressing both summer and pandemic-related learning loss

19:31: How accelerated learning opportunities differ for a first or second grader vs. a fifth grader

23:15: How Dr. Pendleton uses quantitative and qualitative data to track continued learning experience

28:03: Dr. Pendleton’s best practices to create accelerated learning opportunities and/or mitigate learning loss

33:01: Providing opportunities for professional development in an easily accessible way

38:36: How Dr. Pendleton is trying to level the playing field when it comes to equity in technology and what she’s learned along the way

47:01: Dr. Pendleton’s suggestions for other leaders with respect to managing learning gaps coupled with the implementation of equity and technology


Kiana P headshot

Dr. Kiana Pendleton

Principal, Laurel Magnet School of the Arts Read Dr. Kiana Pendleton's bio
Dr Cristi Ford

Dr. Cristi Ford

Vice President of Academic Affairs, D2L Read Dr. Cristi Ford's bio
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