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A Piece of A Podcast: Up For Discussion with Dr. Matt Beane

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If you could accomplish something you never thought possible with equal parts struggle and AI, would you?

Melinda Wilson
Melinda Wilson

Content Marketing Specialist


The tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears taught me two valuable lessons: the value of a good alarm system and that people go to great lengths to seek out comfort. We remove obstacles, reduce challenges, and prefer that our porridge is “just right.” But, if you want to build skill, you’re going to need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  

In this bonus material captured during the Teach and Learn podcast recording, robotics researcher, Dr. Matt Beane continues the conversation about human learning in the age of AI and intelligent machines. In this clip, he reveals that another way humans learn is by taking on tasks that are challenging enough to cause discomfort or frustration. While AI allows us to take on things we never would have considered, we can’t allow it to make it easy on us.  

Keep the Conversation Going

  • Is there something seemingly impossible you would like to tackle with AI at your side? 
  • Can you identify an instance where you took on a challenge? Do you believe you internalized the lesson or the skill better because of the struggle? 
  • Do you think there is value in using AI for tasks that you could do without AI? 

Watch the Full-Length Video Podcast

To hear insights on the expert-novice bond that is being undermined by AI and how that will impact the skilled workforce of the future, watch or listen to the full episode.  

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Using AI to Design Better Online Learning

Looking for the inside scoop on AI and learning strategies? Register for the Using AI to Design Better Online Learning webinar on April 9, 2024 hosted by Senior Instructional Designer and Program Manager at MIT xPRO, author, podcaster and lecturer, Dr. Luke Hobson.  

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Written by:

Melinda Wilson
Melinda Wilson

Content Marketing Specialist

Melinda Wilson is a Content Marketing Specialist at D2L. She brings extensive experience developing, writing, and producing compelling stories for digital and broadcast media.

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