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The Complete Guide to Competency-Based Education

CBE is helping schools, institutions and organizations deliver learning experiences that translate to practical, provable outcomes and true skill mastery.

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Introducing Dr. Emma Zone, Your Higher Ed Teaching and Learning Host

Dr. Emma Zone brings a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning K-12 and higher education in various roles. We are thrilled to welcome her as Senior Director of Academic Affairs at D2L and are excited to learn from her research and insights as she contributes to master classes, the Teach & Learn podcast and blogs as part of D2L’s Teaching and Learning Studio.

Reimagined Webinar Recap: Ethical Concerns of AI in Education

We share highlights from a recent D2L webinar on the ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the classroom.

How Skills-Based Training Can Help Employers Access a Hidden Talent Pool

Hear from Gary Flowers, CIO of Transformation and Technology Services at Year Up, about the importance of skills training and what employers should look for when filling open roles.

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Grow Your eLearning Program 5X: Try These 4 Strategies

Jeff Allison, eLearning principal for the Grand Erie District School Board (GEDSB) and principal of Hagersville Secondary School, shares his insights on crafting eLearning programs.

A Piece of A Podcast: Up For Discussion with Dr. Matt Beane

If you could accomplish something you never thought possible with equal parts struggle and AI, would you?

Putting Members at the Heart of Your Digital Transformation With Rebecca Achurch

Success means staying true to your north star: understanding and meeting the needs of your members.

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Whether you want to chat about Brightspace or Wave, we’re ready to help.