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Podcast: Unpacking Blended Learning and Micro-Credentials with Dr. Mark Brown

Can blended learning help make professional development for educators more accessible? Is a micro-credential really a Trojan horse for disrupting “the 19th-century credentialing model” that we have? Find out on today’s episode of Teach & Learn.

How One Association Reduced Onboarding Times for New Members

Brandon Smith tells us how his association uses a combination of Brightspace, learning theory and agile development practices to optimize how learners spend their time.

How Science Students Can Collaborate in a Digital World 

At D2L Fusion 2022, we spoke to Jen Alexander about the challenges students face when learning science in a digital environment and the ways she tackles these challenges at VHS Learning.

Why Professional Development Is Essential to Career Advancement

From your earning potential to advancement of your career path, professional development opportunities can have a major impact on your life.

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How Positive Communication Helped Turn Around a “Dysfunctional” Education Department

When Dr. Susan Tave Zelman was appointed superintendent of public instruction in Ohio, her aim was to change the culture of the organization. So she did it one step at a time.

How To Open a Middle School in a District Suffering From Change Fatigue

A project 30 years in the making came to fruition when superintendent Brooke Olsen-Farrell helped guide her staff through monumental change management transitions.

How a Focused Change Management Plan Sent K-12 Graduation Rates Soaring

With an emphasis on great communication, superintendent Rick Surrency increased his district’s graduation rate by almost 38% since 2015.

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