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Season 2, Episode 7 - Teach & Learn

How AI Will Impact Education and Beyond with Julian Moore 

Join us for a discussion about how artificial intelligence will change the way we teach and learn with AI and Partnerships Consultant, Julian Moore.

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Welcome to Teach & Learn: A podcast for curious educators, brought to you by D2L, a global ed-tech company helping to change the way the world learns. This podcast is a virtual classroom where candid conversations with the sharpest minds in the K-20 education space happen. We take on everything that matters to educators, from trending educational topics to the evolution of teaching strategies, to issues plaguing our schools and higher education institutions today.  

In Season 2, Episode 7 we begin our exploration and understanding of AI with special guest and expert, Julian Moore. 

Episode Description  

AI is here, and it’s here to stay. Whether you’re an early adopter of artificial intelligence or still reluctant to embrace it, the reality is it’s only going to become more and more prevalent. As with most technology, it will eventually find its way into nearly every aspect of our work and daily lives.  If it’s everything our guest believes it to be, we’ll wonder how we ever lived without it.  

Julian Moore works tirelessly helping associations and nonprofits all over Australasia integrate and use AI to improve operations, increase revenue and more. He joins us today to shed light on what AI can mean for educators, students and the future.   

 In this episode, our host Dr. Cristi Ford and Julian chat about:  

  • what AI can do 
  • what AI will be able to do in the not-so-distant future 
  • how AI can alleviate teacher workload and improve student outcomes through personalized teaching capabilities.  
  • the future of AI and why leaning into it is a must 

Show Notes 

1:00: An introduction to guest expert Julian Moore  

1:51:  How Cristi and Julian met  

2:50:  Julian explains how no professional field will remain untouched by AI  

6:53:  How educators can help create a workforce that will be prepared to use these new technologies  

8:52:  How AI is becoming a super tool for educators   

12:35:  The ways AI can be used to create unbelievable engagement opportunities  

16:35:  Reducing barriers to avoid the development of a knowledge divide  

21:50:  An overview of Large Language Models (LLMs)  

27:57:  Why leaning into AI is a good idea and what the future holds 


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