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A Piece of the Podcast: Up for Discussion with Reed Dickson

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Who said learning about AI had to be dull?

Enjoy this bonus material featuring educator, writer, designer and AI speaker, Reed Dickson as he elaborates on a few ideas he touched on during the Teach and Learn podcast recording with Dr. Cristi Ford.

Melinda Wilson
Melinda Wilson

Content Marketing Specialist


Whether you’re an early AI adopter, or you have yet to give it a try, Reed Dickson wants you to remember one thing: have fun.

Reed, who is an educator, writer, designer and AI speaker, believes this playful approach has helped him develop a better understanding of what AI can and can’t do, what its limitations are and what it excels at. Of course, as AI evolves, Reed will no doubt tag along for the ride.

Quote “We need to have a spirit of play in which we can come in and goof around with this tool… Playing is key.” Reed Dickson

In this bonus material captured during the Teach & Learn podcast recording, Reed continues the AI conversation by taking us into a realm of creativity and possibility. He demonstrates just some of the ways he has put AI through its creative paces with the hopes of inspiring others to do the same.

Here, Reed shares some examples of what AI was able to create based on his creative prompts:

Keep the Conversation Going

  • Which of Reed’s creative prompts did you find most surprising and why?
  • In what ways can you see yourself playing with AI?
  • How does knowing that AI can make mistakes impact how you may consider using it?
  • After learning about the various ways Reed uses AI, do you agree that playing is key? Why or why not?

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Written by:

Melinda Wilson
Melinda Wilson

Content Marketing Specialist

Melinda Wilson is a Content Marketing Specialist at D2L. She brings extensive experience developing, writing, and producing compelling stories for digital and broadcast media.

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