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Season 2, Episode 10 - Teach & Learn

How a Creative Approach to AI Can Enrich Both Teaching and Learning with Reed Dickson

Join D2L and educator, writer, designer and AI speaker, Reed Dickson for a conversation about how playing with AI can result in creative applications that support teaching and learning.

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An Introduction to Reed Dickson and how he got involved in AI


How AI might change the tools and skills taught in schools


The need to rethink courses and assignments to promote the use of AI


Example of how an LLM can make content more engaging


The future of LMSs and AI as a learning aid


What an AI-tailored learning experience could look like


Quality control and AI


Dashboards and two-way communication


Data-driven decision-making


An AI for teaching and learning course built by AI and badge creation


Being future-ready today through play


AI transparency rather than AI detection tools


Continued approach to embracing AI

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 10 of Teach & Learn: A podcast for curious educators, brought to you by D2L. This episode is hosted by Dr. Cristi Ford, VP of Academic Affairs at D2L. Every two weeks we feature candid conversations with some of the sharpest minds in the K-20 education space. We explore trending educational topics, teaching strategies and delve into the issues plaguing our schools and higher education institutions today.

Episode Description

When it comes to AI and education, there are more questions than answers. Many of these questions are about plagiarism, or how AI may negatively impact learning. While it’s important to be mindful of these issues, let’s not lose sight of the positives. Our next guest reminds us that while AI is far from perfect, it can be a lot of fun. And that’s a good thing.

Reed Dickson is a highly sought-after educator, writer, designer and speaker with expertise in the future of teaching, learning, EdTech and AI. While chatting with host Dr. Cristi Ford, he discusses the creative and exciting ways AI can enrich course materials, assignments and support learning outcomes. He believes that we can learn a great deal from AI—including what it can and can’t do—just by playing with it.

In this episode, Dr. Cristi Ford and Reed Dickson discuss:

  • The importance of rethinking course assignments to promote transparent AI use
  • How AI can be used to make learning materials more fun and engaging
  • Why quality control is a must
  • Why becoming future-ready starts by playing and being creative with AI


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