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Artificial Intelligence Resources

Gain insights from our team of product experts and thought leaders as they delve into the possibilities, challenges, and practical uses of artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI (GenAI) in education and learning.

Keeping Humans in the Loop

We’re committed to the responsible development and use of AI to enhance learning experiences for educators and learners. Our D2L Responsible AI Principles guide us as we explore exciting new ways to transform how we teach, learn and work.

Latest Posts

How Schools and Universities Can Use AI to Transform Education, with Dr. David Lefevre

Join D2L for a chat with Dr. David Lefevre about the potential for AI to transform education.

AI, the LMS and Evolution: The Future of Learning

The Future of Learning webinar brought together former competitors John Baker, CEO of D2L, and Michael Chasen, co-founder and CEO of Class Technologies and co-founder and previous CEO of Blackboard.

Find out the predictions of these two ed tech pioneers for the future of learning—including the evolution of education and its relationship with technology.

What Jobs Will Generative AI Replace? And How to Protect Yours

The advancement of generative AI in the workplace has spurred the question: how can use upskilling to insulate ourselves from automation?

Breaking Down the Tech Behind ChatGPT, with Annie Chechitelli and Linda Feng

Join D2L for a chat with Annie Chechitelli and Linda Feng, where they break down the technical side of ChatGPT and discuss generative AI’s potential impact in the education space.

How ChatGPT Could Change Higher Ed, with Dr. Antony Aumann and Dr. Bettyjo Bouchey

Join D2L for a chat with Dr. Antony Aumann and Dr. Bettyjo Bouchey about ChatGPT and how AI could impact higher education.

Staying curious about ChatGPT

AI is changing learning, but no matter how clever it may appear to be, technology cannot do our learning for us.

The Eruption of AI Content Tools in Higher Education

Explore the peaks and valleys of using AI writing tools in higher education and how they’re changing the academic landscape.

What Do Students Want From a College Education? 

Mental health, career readiness and teaching with tech are three themes impacting the desires of future generations of higher ed students.

Skills Mapping

Defining the Future of Learning

D2L Labs investigates advanced technologies with the greatest potential to significantly enhance learning, including AI, machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and other transformative innovations.

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