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Season 1, Episode 2 - The Skill Shift

Why Organizations Need to Respond to the Call of the Skills Evolution

Guest Jackie Barker discusses the skills evolution and why businesses need to adapt to the changes it brings to the workforce.

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Context of labor market for cybersecurity and IT industries


Challenges of upskilling people as skills become out of date more quickly


How AI will change the skills dynamic when it comes to skills programming


Using job task analysis to get a better sense of the pulse in the marketplace


The biggest misconception people have about digital skills


Challenges organizations are facing around skills-based hiring


How and why the U.S. government is building out skills repositories


How to incentivize training and learning for workers


What employees can do to start or restart their learning and development journey


Recommendations to L&D professionals who are experiencing ramp up of skills evolution for the first time


Future opportunities for L&D

Episode Description

This week we chat with our guest Jackie Barker, global director of the VMware IT Academy, which partners with governments, educational institutions and non-profits to offer courses that create a pipeline of much-needed talent in the IT industry. Jackie is passionate about creating change through education as well as upskilling and reskilling in an era of what she calls the skills evolution. 

Listen in to hear conversations about how quickly required skills are shifting, the role AI plays in skills development, how to incentivize employees to embrace learning and advice for L&D professionals who are experiencing the ramp up of the skills evolution. 

Finally, Jackie shares her excitement for the future evolution of the workforce and what professionals in the teaching and learning space can create—hope.


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