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D2L Helps Canadian Teachers Engage Students with Brightspace Creator+

D2L Helps Elevate K12 Course Content and Better Connects Learning Systems

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D2L, a global learning technology company, is helping Canadian teachers create engaging learning experiences with the use of Creator+ which can allow educators to create compelling digital course content without having to learn code. Creator+ can help teachers expand course creation possibilities quickly and easily to inspire their students. 

“We understand how valuable time is to teachers – so being able to efficiently create custom, engaging course content is a must. That’s why we made Creator+,” said John Baker, CEO of D2L. “Creator+ is designed to help give our customers the tools they need to make learning experiences great, and we’re thrilled to see our K12 customers finding success.” 

Canadian school boards that have recently added Creator+ to help expand their course content capabilities include: 
Grand Erie District School Board (GEDSB)
GEDSB serves over 26,000 students in both urban and rural communities. Due to lower enrollment numbers in some of the rural schools, it is difficult to support different and flexible in-person course options. With Brightspace, and its associated tools such as Creator+, serving as part of its eLearning program, GEDSB has achieved remarkable growth in its online learning program, expanding from 26 sections to 80 within two years. As a result, the school board can provide every student with the opportunity to learn skills in a broad range of core and specialty subjects, including the first-ever dance course in the province. 
Lambton Kent District School Board  
Lambton Kent District School Board, which serves over 20,000 students in Ontario, Canada, adopted Creator+ as a method to help encourage teachers to think differently about how they create and assess learning in online and blended classrooms. For Lambton Kent, Creator+ is one of the vehicles that can help empower teachers to build more engaging and diverse learning experiences while encouraging them to expand their teaching. 
Burnaby School District 
Burnaby School District educators, who support students near Vancouver, are also finding success with Creator+. Educator Elixa Neumann, who teaches an online French course, has used Creator+ to help redesign and rethink her content. She has built-in audio clips, formative assessment opportunities, and practice conversations. Using virtual reality tools, Neumann recorded herself as an avatar having conversations with her students, building in natural pauses to allow her students to respond. Not only did this help students to be more engaged by this new way of learning, but they also began requesting more and more of these opportunities. 
“It was really impressive to see how much this has influenced motivation to participate in the course. It’s allowed me to be more student-centered and focused on mastery,” said Neumann. 
Visit Creator+ for more information. 

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