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Season 1, Episode 3 - The Skill Shift

How a “Skills And” Talent Strategy Can Help Companies Fill Open Roles 

Guests Meena Naik and Cat Ward from Jobs of the Future (JFF) talk about what defines a quality job, and how JFF is striving to create more equitable access to these positions.

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Background on JFF and its new north star


Defining and analyzing a skills-first talent strategy


How adopting a skills-first talent strategy can support employers


How jobs are changing and moving toward stackability


The skills and vs. skills only approach


The role of skills for internal mobility


Advice for companies facing barriers preventing them from changing mindsets

Episode Description

This week we welcome two guests from Jobs for the Future (JFF): Meena Naik, director, skills-first design, and Cat Ward, vice president, employer mobilization. In their roles at JFF, our guests work to drive transformation of the education and workforce systems to achieve equitable economic advancement for all. 

In this episode, we talk about what defines a quality job, and how JFF is striving to create more equitable access to these positions. Cat and Meena also unpack the topic of skills-based hiring—not only what it means, but also why it may not be the silver bullet many L&D leaders hope—at least not without taking a step back to build the support needed to make it a successful hiring practice.  

Tune in to learn more about the role skills play in hiring and job mobility and advice on how to overcome challenges faced by companies who are looking to move past traditional ways of thinking and doing.


Meena Headshot

Meena Naik

Director, Skills-First Design, Jobs for the Future Read Meena Naik's bio
Headshot of Cat Ward, JFF

Cat Ward

Vice President, Employer Mobilization Jobs for the Future Read Cat Ward's bio
A headshot of Malika Asthana

Malika Asthana

Senior Manager, strategy and public affairs Read Malika Asthana's bio
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